Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday!

I'm linking up my Friday randoms post with Karli over at September Farm.  We're both pregnant with little girls who will have Big Sister's to welcome them to the family.  She's due a few weeks before me, but it's been so fun to follow along with someone going through practically the exact same things as I am! 

1.  We finally got curtains for our living room and dining area.  I've yet to share a full house tour on here, but I couldn't wait to share the curtains.  I was super picky when looking for curtains and finally pulled the trigger on these from WorldMarket.  We needed super long curtains and several of price was definitely a limiting factor.  However, I couldn't love them more and I love how they complete our room. 
2.  We're headed out on Sunday for a little fall family getaway and I'm super excited about the weather!  Check that out...just a few 80s thrown in there, but definitely a sign of more Fall to come!

3.  Elyse was in an arts & crafts mode this week while at home.  We painted and colored and created sculptures with Playdoh...I of course followed her inspiration and bought a bigger craft box at Target yesterday with even more craft supplies. 

4.  The weather has been cooling down which makes family walks in the evening much more pleasant.  Elyse has been choosing to "walk" Bogey instead of riding in her stroller and they are both doing remarkably well with it.  Bogey seems to realize that a little person is holding on to the leash so he doesn't run at break-neck speed.  These three...they are my life!  And I can't wait until we add a 4th to that group!

5.  Tonight our church is holding a women's night for a National Women's Organization called LeadHer that is based right here in Springfield, MO.  I've recently been getting to know the National Director and she is absolutely amazing!  Several of our small group girls are using it as an excuse for a Girls' Night Out and I'm super excited to see what God has to say to all of us in this short time!  The entire event is actually being streamed live on our church website if you'd like to listen in! Listen Live @
Happy Weekend everyone!  Enjoy all the fall weather!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nora Kay Love ~ 27 Weeks

How Far Along: 27 Weeks
Size of Baby:  Cauliflower, 2 lbs
Elyse was determined to take a picture with me today! 

Gender: My sweet baby girl, Nora Kay!

Weight gain/loss: Enough.  Let's just say that I still have the possibility of only gaining 1 lb per week during this pregnancy (I'll let all of you do the math)...however, I'd wager that I'm going to go over that by a few.  Let's just say that I think that 75 % of my weight gain falls between the top of my belly and my collar bone...Yeah, hello girls. 

Sleep: No changes. Still good.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Since passing my glucola test...YIPPPEEE!!!!...sweets & carbs have been magically making their way to my mouth on a fairly frequent basis.  I'm still watching my calorie intake so I'm not going crazy...but I definitely LOVE my carbs! 

Movement: Lots of it!  I'm finally beginning to see some regular movement on the outside.  She also likes to push her little booty up and out which feels really uncomfortable incredibly wonderful!  ha!  She's also starting to do a little bit of bladder kicking which I could do without! 

What I'm loving: The fact that for the most part I'm on the downhill slide part of this pregnancy. I still feel incredibly great and all the concerns regarding Nora from last week are gone.  There are still some remaining medical mysteries about me, but we'll be waiting until after Nora arrives to deal with or worry about or fret over!

Symptoms: Be prepared to not have much else other than this... Boobs. Belly. Fatter Face. That is all. Throw in a little bit of back pain, some sciatic pain, and some inner thigh pain...and you can obviously tell that I'm reaching my third trimester!  Otherwise I feel like a million bucks!

What I'm looking forward to:  Our family trip next week!  We are leaving on Sunday for a three-day vacation to Kansas City.  We are staying at a Great Wolf Lodge that has a fabulous indoor water park and we also have plans to do all the fun kiddo stuff with Elyse...Aquarium, LegoLand, American Girl store, more waterpark!  It's basically our last hurrah with Elyse before Nora gets here and I'm so super excited!  Nora's nursery and the girls' bathroom are also being painted while we are gone...and then it's on to OPERATION NURSERY COMPLETION! 
Best moment of the week: It's a spill over from last week, but passing my glucola test!  I am seriously still riding on clouds with the unbelief that I actually passed this time...that 3 hour test is nothing short of awful and I had prepared myself for the worst!  Woohoo!   
Cheesy grin = Chubby Cheeks

Friday, September 5, 2014


Well it's been a week of  ups and downs for sure...but we're currently on an up and I couldn't be happier! 
*Wednesday I spent my morning at my OB's office enjoying the fabulous GlucoCrush drink!  I failed my one-hour glucola test with Elyse and had to take the three-hour test (aka HELL).  I was expecting to fail this time as well...but instead got the incredible news that I passed with flying colors!!!  Oh and for all you first-time moms out there...the drink isn't nearly as bad as they make it sound, mine tasted like flat, orange pop. 

*While I was at the doctor, Elyse went and spent the morning with my bestie and her little boy.  They are almost exactly a year apart, but they LOVE each other and they had a great morning!  I was a little nervous about how she would handle it because I don't typically drop her off at random places...but she was a rockstar!  Needless to say I think they had a great time! 

*Poor Nora Kay, after the news of my glucose test I've been filling my body with any sweets I could find...which also happens to include the leftover batter from cupcakes I made for a family gathering tonight.  Yes, I licked the bowl.  Yes, there were raw eggs in the batter.  Yes, I don't feel a single bit guilty.  Second kid problems for sure!  ha! 

*Today is the last forecast day of super hot weather, and then it's supposed to cool down and feel a bit more like fall.  Today I broke out my Chuck Taylor's with my maternity jeans.  Add in the fact that I am still a little in shock that I passed my glucose test...I was feeling like an adorable, cute 27 week pregnant woman! 

Happy Weekend, we've got lots of fun stuff going on!  Hope you do as well!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nora Kay Love ~ 26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 Weeks
How big is baby:  Hothouse Cucumber, 1.75 lb

Gender: My sweet baby girl, Nora Kay!

Weight gain/loss: Who knows.  I've decided that I'm probably just going to gain about the same amount of weight that I did with Elyse...and that's ok.  It all came off with her, so with a little bit of hardwork and a LOT of breastfeeding, hopefully it will all come off as easily again! 
Sleep: No changes.  Still good. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: No changes here...but with my glucose test tomorrow I've been trying to limit my sugar intake, so of course I'm craving what I can't have! 

Movement: Lots of it!  She's still going strong, and just when I begin to think I haven't felt her for awhile she will kick or roll or dance around to remind me she's doing just fine! 

What I'm NOT loving: As I mentioned in yesterday's post, last week was just pretty crappy all the way around.  I finally met with a kidney specialist for some issues that were first realized back in the late Spring, which resulted in some unnecessary from me.  My blood pressure was also slightly elevated which made me freak out maybe a little too much...and of course freaking out doesn't help blood pressure numbers at all.  So...I'm NOT loving all the needle pricks and waiting for test results and uncertainity...but in the end all I care about is Nora being safe & healthy.  Oh...and did I mention my 1 hour glucose test is tomorrow?  The test I failed with Elyse and then had to take the 3 hour?  Yeah. That's tomorrow.  So I'm obviously looking forward to that as well.  Or not.

Symptoms: Yeah, no change here either.  Boobs. Belly. Fatter Face. That is all.
What I'm looking forward to:  Well honestly as much as I'm not looking forward to my glucose test, I'm looking forward to my doctor's appointment tomorrow.  I'd love to have some reassurance from my doctor about Nora's health, I just want to hear her heartbeat,...and honestly, I'm already looking forward to holding Nora in my arms and this whole pregnancy being behind me.  I don't want to wish it away, and Nora definitely needs to stay nice and cozy in my belly for awhile longer...but to say the least this pregnancy hasn't been quite as easy as Elyse's. 
Best moment of the week: We had a fabulously relaxing Labor Day weekend, loads of family time, fun with Elyse, and a chance for me to try and forget all the craziness for a bit.  Some of my good friends have also offered to throw me another shower, so I finished up a quick registry at Amazon & at Target.  It's so fun to look at all the fun new baby stuff! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day via iPhone

Last week was rough...Everything appears to be normal now and I'll have more of an update tomorrow with my Nora Kay Love post...but things were a little stressful for me.  A little stress was only aggravated by the fact that I may have freaked out a little more than necessary...but more on that tomorrow. 
Friday morning I had to go to the hospital for some blood work and this was my view as I left the house.  No other cars on the road and God reminding me that He is good.  All the time. 

After my labwork (which I survived), I came back to work and we spent the evening at my parents' house.  They had been gone for a week on vacation so we stayed down for dinner and some fun.  Of course they mainly just wanted to spend some extra time with Elyse, but we got to catch up as well. 

Elyse finally got her wish and took her maiden voyage on the paddle boat at my grandparents' pond.  I really wasn't sure how she would do with it, but she LOVED every second.  I can see a new activity forming every time we visit the pond. 

Saturday was a casual morning and then we paid a visit to one of Elyse's favorite places on earth...Rutledge Wilson Community Farm Park.  She was super excited to see all the animals and as luck would have it, 12 baby piglets had been born just the day before!  They were absolutely adorable and Elyse was in Hog Heaven...or I guess Piglet Paradise in this case! 

 She wasn't able to pet the newborns, but they also had two 3-week old piglets there and I just know that Elyse would have taken one home if given the opportunity! 

We spent Saturday afternoon resting & relaxing and then Elyse played with her panties. Forever.  She would unstack and restack and sort and throw them in the air and gather them up again.  It's quite hilarious to see her sitting, watching tv with 20+ pair of panties in her lap! 
 I headed out Saturday evening for a ridiculous casual girls' night. We dressed in our comfy clothes, brought food that we ate straight out of the serving dishes, and sat around the table having fabulous conversation. I seriously considered taking a picture and tagging it..."The Non-Pinterest version of Girls Night!"  Ha!  I am super blessed to be surrounded by some amazing women! 

Sunday we had church, Elyse & I headed to the pool, and Hubby headed to the golf course...a pretty great day...with nothing really to document. 

Yesterday for our day off we had planned on taking Elyse to the zoo...but we woke up to a stormy, rainy morning and none of us were really too motivated to get moving.  We finally loaded up to run a few errands and grab lunch at Chickfila...Elyse spotted Barnes & Noble and requested a stop at the "bookstore."  Apparently finally deciding on the Rainbow Fish was just too much for her, she crashed within minutes of loading back in the car. 

After we loaded back up and headed to Branson to meet my parents and my brother's family for dinner at Cantina Laredo on Branson Landing.  We don't live more than 30 minutes from each other...but sometimes our schedules just don't work out to get together very often.  It was an absolutely beautiful evening & our girls LOVED playing along the boardwalk! 

It was a fabulous evening...and I can't wait to see our girls' continue to grow up together.  There are 18 months between Elyse & Harper and there will be another 18 months between Harper & Nora.  Man...we're totally going to have our hands full with all these girls!  But oh what joy they will bring to us! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nora Kay Love ~ 25 Weeks

How far along: 25 weeks
How big is baby: Rutabaga, 1.5 lb

Gender: My sweet baby girl, Nora Kay!

Weight gain/loss: I've done pretty well with monitoring my calorie intake and thankfully the ridiculous hunger seems to still be keeping it's distance.  I've been getting in one Zumba workout and one Piyo workout each week and that has definitely been helping me feel a lot better.  It's amazing how much more energy I have when I get in just 1-2 workouts a week! 

Sleep: Still going strong here...and SOOOO thankful for it!  I know that it won't last long! 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: My food intake is pretty much exactly the same as it was before I got pregnant...minus the 5-6 peanut M & M's that I sneak out of the pantry after meals!  At least I don't eat the whole bag! 

Movement: ALL over the place!  I'm starting to be able to see her from the outside which is pretty cool.  She moves like crazy in the evenings when we're relaxing in front of the tv, but then when its' time for bed she calms right down...maybe that's a good sign for things to come?!? She does seem to find a comfortable place right along a nerve that affects my inner-right leg...and I could do without that! 

What I'm loving: As corny as it sounds...just our life routine right now.  With school starting our schedule has slowed down quite a bit which leaves plenty of room for time with just our little family of 3.  Elyse is at such a fun age and I'm soaking every minute of being her mommy.  I can't hardly believe that God is going to bless me with another little girl to be her sidekick! I've also managed to get a start on my Before Nora Kay to-do list...which makes me quite happy!  LOVE marking things off a list!

Symptoms: Boobs. Belly. Fatter Face. That is all.   
What I'm looking forward to: Our Labor Day weekend.  We have plans to take Elyse to a local farm park which is her favorite place in the world, I have a girls night on Saturday, and then a family trip to the zoo on Monday.  The weather is supposed to cool down just slightly so I'm excited to do some super fun things with Elyse!  
Best moment of the week: Last night....Hubby & I had free overnight babysitters by way of my in-laws, so we took the opportunity for a spontaneous date night.  It had been FAR TOO LONG since we had gone out with just the two of us and it was fabulous!  Hopefully we can fit in a few more of those before Nora arrives! 

Friday, August 22, 2014


Lots of randomness on my phone from the past couple of weeks...most of which deserves to be documented at least in a phone-dump post!
Our August schedule is MUCH slower than July, which means that on my Elyse Days, we've actually been able to have some fun! 
1.  Last Thursday before swim lessons I took Elyse to one of her favorite places...the FARM!  It's a local farm-park that is maintained by our county park board.  They have pigs, cows, goats, donkeys, sheep, etc. and a fun play area.  Elyse LOVES farm animals so she had a blast.  It was also quite hilarious when she tried to walk away from the goat only to realize that the goat had put her ponytail in it's mouth!  Elyse didn't panic, but she for sure wondered why she couldn't move! 

After our visit to the farm we stopped by Chick-fil-A for a quick lunch before heading on to swim lessons.  After swim lessons Elyse pretty much crashes in the car and today was no different...she was WORN OUT!  But what a fun day with my girl!
2.  The day before Elyse had spent some of the day with her Mamaw and I made a stop by Target...and once again the Dollar Spot got me!  They had 15-piece framed puzzles for $1!!!  Elyse is really into puzzles right now so I bought three that I knew she'd enjoy.  She has spent probably HOURS putting those things together, taking them apart, and putting them together...all BY HERSELF!  I honestly think she has some of her momma's photographic memory because it takes her no time to put them back together. 

3.  On Friday morning it was time for Hubby & I to have our teeth cleaned and at the recommendation of our hygienist, we brought Elyse along.  I honestly had no idea how it would go, but after a little bit of coaxing onto momma's lap, and Sheriff Callie on the iPad...she opened her mouth and let her teeth be examined.  Thankfully we're doing a great job and we didn't push it since this was her first time!  Next up...her first teeth cleaning!  Hopefully it goes just as smoothly. 

4.  This past weekend on Saturday night, we met up with my parents for dinner and a Springfield Cardinals baseball game.  They have a grassy area in the outfield where you can take a blanket and just relax so we bought general admission tickets out there so Elyse could run around.  It turned out to be a beautiful evening and Elyse was LOVING the cotton candy, peanuts, and popcorn that was provided by her Papa. 

5. On Sunday, my little brother challenged us to the #icebucketchallenge.  So...when it was about time to head in for the evening, Hubby & I prepared our buckets to join in.  Here's the videos that we shared on social media to challenge some others! Even if you're making a funny video, I hope you're also donating to this worthy cause...obviously lots of people are because donations have surpassed $50 million!  Go here to donate!
6.  Wednesday of this week, Elyse & I had absolutely NO plans.  I considered taking her to our neighborhood pool for awhile in the morning, but she was perfectly content to play with her toys...which honestly doesn't happen that often.  So we simply stayed home and we played in her playroom for over 3 hours!!!  Without leaving except for a potty break!  I think my heart melted a bit when she found her Piggy Paint and brought it over for me to paint her fingernails and toenails.  She sat completely still the entire time and also sat long enough for it to dry!  Toddler fingers & toes are the most adorable thing! 
7.  Since Elyse & I literally did NOT leave the house at all on Wednesday (this NEVER happens), she didn't even make it out of her jammies until after her nap.  And the only reason I changed her clothes is because I knew we'd be spending the evening outside and I didn't want her to be crazy hot.  So...I picked out some of her most casual play clothes, let her pick her shoes, and then she found her daddy's Color Run headbands.  She was quite the fashionista...or she looked like a bag of Skittles...either way!  ha! 
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend...we'll either be inside with the A/C cranked or we may pay a LONG visit to my parents' pool!  The highs are forecasted to be 100+...YIKES!