Friday, June 28, 2013

5 on Friday!

Joining up again with A. Liz Adventures for 5 on Friday! 
1.  It's been a rough couple of days in the Layman house. We were supposed to have a cousin's playdate on Wednesday but Elyse spiked a fever and spent most of Wednesday and a lot of yesterday looking like the below.  She has no other symptoms, and the fever is gone...but she definitely doesn't feel 100%.  The pediatrician just says to keep an eye on her and hopefully it will pass; I'm crossing my fingers it's just her stupid teeth. 
2.  I think we also may be going through the 18 month sleep regression...yeah, the little girl who had been sleeping from 8-7 every night--decided she needed to sleep in our bed last night, except she didn't really sleep as soundly as our queen bed allows.  I ended up on the couch and am probably going on about 5ish hours of sleep.  Yeah, we were up playing in the living room, in the dark @ 5:30.  Fun times. 
3.  I have a hair appointment next Tuesday, and I'm really, really, really thinking that I'm going to chop it off.  I've been wanting to do so for a long time and just haven't pulled the Tuesday it is! 
So maybe not this short, but something wedged in the front with the back all stacked up!  Thoughts? 
4.  4th of July is next week and I always hate it when it's in the middle of the week, I wish it was on Friday or Monday so we could work out a 3-day weekend! 
5.  Last night we had a pretty crazy storm blow tossed Elyse's Little Tikes toys around a little and snapped off lots of trees in our town--thankfully nothing more than power outages and trees down, but we definitely were rudely awoken! 
Happy Weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Family Day at Silver Dollar City

With lots of various weekend plans & working on Saturday mornings, Hubby & I recently realized that we didn't really have much opportunity for a family fun day this summer.  So...he took off a day of work last week so we could take a family trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson.  It's only about an hour away and we had free tickets so it was the logical choice. 
We took Elyse last Christmas, but she was barely walking and it was cold.  She was a little over-stimulated when we first got there, and a little tired as she didn't take a nap on the way down like we really hoped she would--but after a quick lunch, she got her second wind and was in heaven! 
Unfortunately she's still a little small to ride very many rides, but we did fit in a couple rides on the carousel and also the train.  And of course we filled our bellies with typical SDC food--BBQ for lunch, kettle corn, dippin' dots, and homemade cinnamon rolls to take home for breakfast! 
We truly had a wonderful family day, and I can see season tickets being purchased next year for sure! 
A family picture before heading out

Flying high with Daddy

Milking Elsie the cow

Our little toot!

She loved the water areas, but got so lucky & stayed fairly dry!

So Daddy swung her around...

& she could cool off with the water!

She really wasn't so sure about the carousel...

Daddy tried...

but he ended up holding her for most of the ride!

Wornout baby on the train...

Poor tired toot! 

Down for the count before we were hardly out of the parking lot! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Insta-Weekend Rewind

I didn't ever pull out my big camera this weekend, so I bring you our recap via Instagram & phone photos! 

Friday night we stayed home and grilled cheddar brats for dinner. I'm not sure why, but Hubby & I are on a cheddar brat delicious and the perfect summertime meal! 

After dinner we headed out for Tropical Sno...Elyse enjoyed it, but really was more fascinated with watching the cars go by!
Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry & Green Apple...yum!
Hubby & I finished off our evening with a movie on the couch...a perfectly relaxing summer evening! 

Saturday morning Hubby had to work so Elyse and I had some quality time together at home...and it ended up being more than usual since she slept late and decided not to take her morning nap.  Of course imagine my surprise when I went in there to get her from her non-nap and as I reached down to pick her up she handed me...her diaper!!!  I had put her down without any shorts on because they were wet, but apparently she didn't want to leave her diaper on anyway!  Thankfully the crib was dry & clean...silly girl! 

After Hubby got off work we left Elyse with my parents & headed out for our local HBA Parade of Homes.  We enjoy checking out the houses each year, but this year was definitely different since we're in the midst of working on plans for a potential build ourselves.  We had a great time and finished our date-day up with a movie...Now You See Me.  Definitely a good movie if you like that kind of thing, we certainly enjoyed it.  We grabbed a quick dinner of wings and french fries (healthy, yes I know!) before meeting up with my parents at our house so they could drop off Elyse. 
All ready for a day of house-touring!
She was in fine form, still going strong at 9!  I'm not sure how long she would have stayed awake if we had let her. 
This is what she did when I asked her to pose...she dropper her new laptop (seen in the bottom left), and backed up and sat down on her bottom!  Sassy Pants!
Yesterday we headed to church and then I had a relaxing pool day at my parents' house while Hubby went and had some guy time at the golf course. 
Another dress made by Gigi...a little long, but still adorable!  And maxi dresses are in style right?
A little topless sunbathing for our swimming pool diva!

Playing with momma! 

The best we could get with all the girls! 
We finished up the weekend by having my in-laws and one of Hubby's good friends over for a taco dinner.  Hubby and I crashed on the couch as soon as Elyse was down for bed...a busy, but very fun-filled weekend for sure! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spill About Your L-O-V-E!

Today I'm linking with with April over at A.Liz Adventures for her Spill About Your L-O-V-E series...thanks for stopping by & go check out April's blog for lots of other lovey, dovey goodness on this Wednesday!

{1} Describe your dating life prior to finding your husband/boyfriend/fiance.
*I dated the same guy all through high school and and through the first part of college; but we eventually broke it off as our lives seemed to be going in different directions & I honestly think we both realized we just weren't meant to be together.  I dated a few different guys a couple of times but never found "the one."  I finally decided to just stay single for a bit...and of course it's when I finally let go, and let God that some mutual friends decided we needed to be together.  After a few dates, I honetly couldn't imagine not being with him...things were just "right" when we were together. 
Our first trip to Destin, FL together

{2} Describe your husband/boyfriend/fiance in one word. How would he describe you in one word?
*Laidback.  He seriously does not hardly worry about anything...ever.  Which is a huge blessing to me, because I can be a HUGE worry wart! 
*Perfectionist.  I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself as a wife, mom, friend, etc.  Which leads to me also being a bit of a worry wart! 

Our family photo for a Christmas card one year!
{3} You had a really silly fight. Embarrassing silly. What was it about?
*I think it was about hanging a shelf/rod in our laundry room.  I'm not sure we had even been married a month, but I stalked out of the house and walked around our block a few times to cool off.  I just HAD to get out of that house! 

@ my cousin's wedding
{4} In three sentences (and only three!), describe where you both hope to be in 5 years.
We hope to have a complete family with either 2 or 3 total kiddos, living in a bigger house, just enjoying ourselves. We hope to continue working together and enjoying the blessing of spending our days together.  We hope to be living more in line with God's will for our lives and blessing others as he has blessed us. 

A favorite pasttime...STL Cardinals games!
{5} Tell us something about your husband/boyfriend/fiance we wouldn't know from reading your blog.

He's so goofy.  Sometimes he comes up with the most ridiculous songs or phrases that I probably look at him like he has grown 3 extra heads.  However, it's this humor that keeps our relationship light and sometimes it just helps to have a clown in your marriage! 

Our Wedding Day

{6} What's one thing you never thought you'd do in front of your husband/boyfriend/fiance, but you did?
Come on, I'm sure you're all thinking it...I really didn't ever think I'd use the bathroom in front of him--but it happens!  In our next house I'm hoping for a closed off toilet room!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Celebrating Daddies 2013

With family all being so close, sometimes holiday weekends celebrating those we love can get a little hectic as we try to see everyone.  We try to just roll with the punches and do the best we can while still allowing some time for just our own family of three.  So...since actual Father's Day included us running around like crazy, we designated Friday night and Saturday to celebrate Hubby's special day. 
Friday night we actually just stayed at my parents' house for a few hours and enjoyed their pool.  They were on babysitting duty for my baby niece, so we ordered a pizza and then had family night in the pool.  Elyse still LOVES the water, but is certainly a little insecure since she can't touch the ground. However, her giggles and laughter while she played with her Daddy were definitely an indication that she was having a blast!!!
Saturday morning I had to work, so Hubby and Elyse spent a cloudy, rainy morning at home.  We had a quick lunch and then after the rain stopped Hubby & I, but mainly Hubby, worked outside on a new playground area for Elyse.  It's not quite finished because the rains came again...but it looks so great & Hubby did such a great job! 
We were going to have dinner at home, but decided to go out to celebrate Father's Day...he chose Chick-fil-A which was definitely an OK choice in Elyse's mind! 
We came home and played outside a bit, and then it was time for bath & bed for Elyse!  They had some fun playing with the bubbles...she requests them now! 

Yesterday we had a wonderful church service followed by lunch at my in-laws.  I requested a photo shoot and our nephews got to pick the location.  The lighting is terrible with all the shadows, but at least I got them to all sit still for a photo with their Pappy!  

Then we moved inside and the lighting was better...but most of the kids were pretty much DONE with the photoshoot!  

I'm so thankful for the precious family that I married into...Elyse loves her Pappy & her cousins Jackson & Hunter! 
After some time with Hubby's family, we headed down to my parents' house for some pooltime and dinner, which was pizza takeout!  Easy cleanup and delicious!  Of course I had to grab some photos with Papa & his girls...

Kisses for Harper!

My dad with his kids & grandkids!

3 generations! 
It was a pretty fabulous day, but Hubby & I crashed when we got home.  It was time to just rest and relax for a bit before gearing up for another week!  Another Father's Day is in the books and it's pretty great!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

It's Father's Day.  A day set aside to honor those precious father's or father figures that fill our lives.  Similar to mother's day, I'm filled with overwhelming gratitude for the father's who fill my life.
Of course I have my own father, who I have the pleasure of working with 3 days a week and who has supported me in anything I ever wanted to do. He provided an incredible example of the kind of man I should look for in a husband, and I think I did a pretty good job of finding one pretty similar!  I'm so thankful that we live so nearby that I can continue to have such a close relationship with my daddy! 

And then we also have the pleasure of living super close to Pappy aka Nick's daddy.  I love watching him play with Elyse & I am so thankful that Nick has such an incredible father to look up to and also to ask advice of when he needs guidance.  This relationship has certainly only been strengthened since they moved back to Missouri from Michigan last summer!  Plus, now they both get in plenty of golf rounds with each other! 
In addition to my own father & father-in-law, I'm also surrounded by two wonderful grandfathers who still are able to pour incredible wisdom and love into our family.  I'm so incredibly thankful for them and the fact that we are able to experience relationships with them on a regular basis! 
And what would a Father's Day post be without a tribute to the best father I know...Elyse's daddy.  I honestly have a twinge of jealousy at the incredible relationship this little girl has with her daddy.   They love each other so unconditionally and watching them play together makes this momma's heart almost burst from joy! 

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there...your kids love you oh so very much! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

five on friday

Today I'm joining up with lots of fabulous bloggers for 5 on Friday!  I always love reading their Friday posts so I thought I would join in today! 
1.  Elyse turned 18 months old yesterday...which means she is officially closer to 2 instead of 1.  Slow down baby girl...your momma hasn't even started planning your second birthday yet! 
2.  We are in the middle of discussing future housing options for our family.  No, we're not pregnant yet...but any more kiddos is going to require some more space.  This process is both exciting and build or to buy?  That is the question! 
3.  It's Father's Day Weekend & we get to celebrate all our Father's on Sunday!  I didn't go the crafty route this year...Elyse & I decided to get something for Daddy that he really wanted!  I can't wait to give it to him!
LOVE this picture of my two favorite "daddies"
 & my baby girl!
4.  I went and got new foundation yesterday from Sephora because my Bare Minerals just wasn't cutting it for the summer.  I ended up with Urban Decay Naked foundation &primer.  I've only applied it once--this morning--but so far I am LOVING it! 
5.  This next week Hubby is taking a day off from work on one of my days off and we are taking Elyse to Silver Dollar City for the first time this year.  I'm probably a little overly excited about it, and I'm trying not to set my expectations to high (see my last post), but I think she's going to love it!  Plus, our tickets are free which makes it even more amazing!  Homemade Taffy, Funnel cakes, &onion we come!!!