Friday, July 31, 2009

Show us Your Life-Wedding Party

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is still hosting her Show Us Your Life series & this week it is all about the wedding party flowers & ceremony. I haven't yet participated in this series, but I always love looking at my wedding photos & everyone else's so I thought I would join in.
We had a May wedding with a garden party theme--I quickly decided on tea length dresses for my girls with vibrant flower colors! We used shades of blue, pink, green, & coral all through the ceremony directions & reception. It turned out so beautifully when everything came together!
We got married in the church I grew up in and the same church that my parents & my grandparents got married in. Our ceremony was at 5 (I think it started at more like 5:20 due to the crowd of people waiting to be seated)! We both had friends from high school, family members, & friends from college stand up with us. We had 3 songs...Hubby's sister sang How Beautiful, my aunt sang If You Could See, and Hubby's aunt sang the Lord's Prayer. We opted for a family prayer that included our parents instead of a unity candle. My cousin led the prayer while the Lord's Prayer was sung for the rest of the congregation...I think it was one of my favorite times of the entire ceremony.
Now, on to the pictures!
Our entire wedding party--I loved how the flowers blended so well with the girls' dresses. My mom made pocket squares for the guys that matched perfectly! They all look fabulous!

My favorite picture of me and my girls!

I loved the decorations at our church...candles, flowers, & antique silver candleabras!

My bouquet was more than I something old was a pin from my Great Grandma & strands of pearls that were my mom's baby pearls!

I love this shot coming out of the church..everything just blends so perfectly & it was such a happy day!

Thanks for visiting!

All photos by Photos by Kimber

New Shoes for Me!

Last night Hubby & I had plans to meet some friends for apps/dessert & drinks around 9 at the Red Room...a great place downtown that's actually in the basement of one of our favorite upscale restaurants. We were planning on just having dinner at home and relaxing before we headed into town, but that was before I heard about the sale at Dillard's---Everything that was already on sale was another 40% off!!!! Needless to say...I sweet talked my dear Hubby into taking me by the shoe department because there were a couple of pair of shoes that I have had my eyes on for awhile but I wouldn't pull the trigger for them. Well, low and behold they had already been marked down about 40% off & then they were another 40% off!!! I ended up getting 2 pair of shoes that at original price would have cost me $170 for only $60!! Woohoo for great deals on cute shoes!

Here are the links to the 2 pair that I ended up bringing home with me!

Can you tell I just love Gianni Bini shoes?!? They are very comfortable & so cute!

It's finally Friday & I couldn't be more excited...Hubby & I dont' have any huge plans, but it's supposed to be gorgeous outside!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to Normal

Hubby got home last night about 8:30 & I was definitely glad that I didn't have to spend another night in our house alone. Monday night while I was walking Bogey a guy in our neighborhood hit on me & maybe I'm just naive, but since I was alone it certainly creeped me out. I'll certainly be avoiding their corner when I walk Bogey by myself the next time.

Tonight I've got a quick dinner planned...Tortilla Pizzas. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Place some fajita size flour tortillas on a cookie sheet & heat them until they are golden brown & crispy around the edges (normally 8-10 min). You'll need to watch them as they may bubble up a bit & I just prick them with a fork to flatten out the air bubble. After they are brown, just pull them out of the oven & top them with whatever pizza toppings you want. I normally just use a can of pizza sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, & mushrooms. I've also made a white pizza version with alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, spinach, & mozzarella. Once you've filled them full of toppings, just put them back in the oven for 5-7 minutes or until the cheese is nice & melted. Hubby loves these & they are super quick & easy. I normally fix 2 pizzas for each of us because the fajita size tortillas are quite small. You could certainly use bigger tortillas--this is just what I normally have on hand.

Hubby has yard duty tonight since we've had a ton of rain and unseasonably cool temps so we'll be spending the rest of the evening outside. Since he's been out of town Bogey is practically living in a jungle!

Also, I am very excited...we are planning a quick getaway to St. Louis the first weekend in October. It is the last weekend the Cardinals are playing in the regular season & Phantom of the Opera is also showing at the Fox Theater! We'll see Phantom of the Opera on Friday night & the Cardinals game at noon on Saturday. YIPPEE!!!! I'm super excited & already can't wait. The best of both worlds if you ask me!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Rewind

Hubby's dad came into town on Thursday night so much of this weekend was devoted to spending time with him & the rest of Hubby's family. Friday we just had a casual dinner out & then enjoyed ice cream from Dairy Queen. Saturday morning I had to work & the boys (Hubby, his dad, Hubby's brother in law, & one of Hubby's good friends) headed out for a round of golf. They got home mid-afternoon & we spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy. I made chocolate chip cookies for their Father/Son Tournament excursion & then started prepping dinner. We had the rest of the fam over for a BBQ on Saturday night & I got to enjoy some sweet time with our adorable nephews. We took Hunter for his first ever putt-putt experience & he was actually quite good & very patient. I was super impressed.

Yesterday Hubby & his dad left mid-morning & headed straight down to my parents' house for the afternoon with Bogey. We had a great time & I definitely got a little too much sun. However, it looks like it will all turn to tan instead of burn. After a long afternoon I dropped Bogey off at home & then my parents & I headed to watch Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. It was good, but I definitely think I need to go back and read the book to fill in some gaps that I think are missing.

Like I said in my last post, Hubby is gone until tomorrow night so tonight I will try to occupy my time as best I can . Maybe I'll enjoy the peace & quiet with just me, Bogey, & good movie!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Empty House

This morning Hubby & his dad left for a Father/Son Golf Tournament in Lake of the Ozarks. They won't be back until Tuesday night. While some couples experience lots of times when they are apart overnight due to work or other travels, we only spend about 7 nights apart during an entire year. Obviously, when those nights come they are less than enjoyable (especially for me). I don't really mind sleeping at our house all alone (ok, maybe that's a lie since I lock almost every single door in our house---even the door from our bedroom to the living room) since I have Bogey there to keep me company.

It's these times when I truly realize how much I love Hubby & how even the most annoying things about him are why I love him so much. I miss his pestering when I'm getting ready for work in the morning, I miss his silly rhyming songs about nothing, I miss watching him play around with Bogey, I miss talking about whatever sporting event was on that day (even if I could care less), & I certainly miss the quick kiss & hug I get every night when he comes home from work. He'll be back on Tuesday and already I can't wait. Maybe these times are good for us, because I do certainly believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Long Awaited Mom Day...

Yesterday I took a vacation day & did nothing more than go shopping with my mom. This was a Mom Day (which I have discussed in previous posts). We shopped till we dropped & found some great deals on several things. Plus, my dad (aka my boss) recently gave all of us who work for him a bonus for meeting a certain level of production...$100 to buy new shoes! I was super excited! Courtesy of the gift card, I got 2 pairs of shoes for only $30 out of pocket for me! Woohoo!! The only bummer is that they were out of my size so I had to order them...but they'll be here by the end of next week. I picked out one practical pair & one not at all practical pair.

Not so practical pair--Navy Blue peep me they are way cuter & way sexier in person!

Nurture, brown flip flops--these will be very versatile & I can wear them for work or play!

I also found some really cute shirts yesterday that were 50% off & then another 30% off. Talk about a bargain!
Yesterday was also test day for Hubby--he took the Regulation section of the CPA exam. I am only praying that things went well. I know God has a plan for our life & we are just praying His will be done--even if that doesn't match up with our human wants & desires. Too bad we have to wait 5-6 weeks for the results.
Today I'm back at work & I also have to work tomorrow morning--however, we have a fun weekend in store as Hubby's dad is in town to play in a Father/Son Golf Tournament Sunday-Tuesday. We've got a family BBQ on tap for tomorrow night & Sunday I'm headed down to my parents' house with Bogey to enjoy the pool! Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bathroom Cleaning...

Last night I tackled the one task in my life that I loathe almost more than anything---cleaning a bathroom. There are many other tasks & duties in life that I dislike, but I think I truly loathe, i.e. hate, cleaning bathrooms. The worst part about it is that I never feel like I get it clean. I hate cleaning our Jacuzzi tub from dust & hair even when it never gets used; I hate cleaning the mirror & having streaks left every time so I have to actually clean it 2-3 more times; I hate our glass shower doors that seem to always have a film no matter what (I will never have shower doors again!) & I hate all the hair that seems to gather in those corners & attracts substances that I would never even guess would be found in a bathroom.

When Hubby got home from work last night I was already being a baby about it & almost had a hissy fit in regards to cleaning the bathroom. It was so bad that Hubby even suggested looking for a cheap housecleaner so he wouldn't have to listen to my griping. I did NOT take him up on that deal. Hubby didn't deserve to be treated badly because his wife was a whiner & seriously, why did I let cleaning a bathroom consume my thoughts & emotions for...I don't know...let's say 10-15 minutes.

The bathroom is now clean (for now) & I do feel better about least we're not really dirty people so it doesn't have to be done too frequently.

By the way...I did apologize to Hubby for being such a baby...but I still hate cleaning the bathroom.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Rewind

What a beautiful weekend! As I mentioned, the weather this weeked was picture perfect--Highs in the low 80s, lows in the upper 60s and almost zero humidity. This was definitely not typical Missouri weather in July. Friday night we just spent the evening at home & rested up for my big debut on Saturday. I was definitely a tad bit nervous about my first 18-hole round of golf, but I do have to say I did have some moments of brilliance. I actually only finished about 12 of the 18 holes--if I got frustrated or really tired I would just pick up my ball. The main problem I had was just getting tired because the course was busy and we had to wait a little bit on almost every hole before teeing off--plus, since this was my first venture at 18, I don't think I really knew what I was getting into. I managed to hit some shots that even impressed my wonderful coach, Hubby and I was even able to hit par on at least 2 holes & one really impressive bogey on the hardest hole on the course.

Our first official golf outing

One of my best holes of the day (I even managed to get it across the water on my first shot!)

The professional golfer--I love to watch him play!

We had a great time & I always love to watch Hubby do something he's passionate about & we all know he's certainly passionate about his golf!

After golf we headed down to the Branson Landing for dinner. Hubby had made reservations at our absolute favorite place to eat: Cantina Laredo. I think I could eat here almost every week & while there are certainly other great places to eat in Branson we don't hardly drive down there without eating at Cantina. It was a beautiful night & we were able to enjoy a lovely table outside on the patio overlooking Lake Taneycomo. We had a great view of the wonderful fountain/fire show & just enjoyed the lovely evening.

Cantina Laredo!!! YUM YUM!!! Oh how I love thee...Hot Apple Pie with Brandy Butter & Cinnamon Ice Cream!

The awesome fire & fountain show at the Landing!

Today I headed to a baby shower for the daughter of one of the ladies I work with. Her little girl is due in September. I failed to take any photos but she got lots of really cute things & some of those definite essentials as well. Hubby also did some yard work & we just worked around the house getting ready for a new week.

Friday, July 17, 2009

80 Degrees in July?!?

Yup, you read that & the rest of the weekend. 80 degrees in the middle of July in the midwest when it's normally at least 90 degress with 100% humidty. It almost felt like fall this morning when I walked outside. I can't wait to spend tomorrow & Sunday outside in the beautiful weather! Stay tuned for a recap of my first ever 18-hole round of golf tomorrow--it promises to be very entertaining!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Time=Birth Control

Yesterday I left work a couple hours early to go visit one our friend Miranda and her new little boy, Easton. He is about 3 weeks old & we wanted to let them get settled at home (as much as they could be) before we headed down. One of my best friends Sarah & I took off about 3:00 & drove the hour or so down to their house. Let me just tell you...he is adorable. He has an incredible head of hair & is just precious! He was just the perfect little boy until he was ready to eat...and then he certainly let us know!

Notice how he's starting to get fussy--I think this was because I stopped moving! Look at that hair!

Their min-pin Sophie...she thought she was a lot bigger than she was!

All I can tell you is that while I am absolutely certain that I want to be a mother in the future & I cannot wait to experience all the ups & downs of is not something that I'm anywhere close to being ready for. Between the children in our neighborhood, our two adorable nephews, & the children at church...Hubby & I have plenty of good birth control because while they are all adorable & precious it is certainly nice to be able to head in the house, shut the door, & enjoy a little bit of piece and quiet. I realize that children are all a gift from God & a miracle, but right now I definitely enjoy a full night's sleep & a clean house void of all things baby or child.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Rewind

We had one of those crazy weekends, with lots of stuff going on. Friday night we had dinner with Hubby's mom (who is in from Michigan) & then spent the evening with his sister & our adorable nephews. Saturday Hubby played golf & then we headed down to my parents' house to have an afternoon of pool time with our Small Group. We had a great time & all of the kids really enjoyed themselves. We finished off the evening with a BBQ & homemade ice cream.
Apparently most of the kids didn't even make it 5 minutes in the car before they crashed from exhaustion! Here are a few photos from the afternoon!
Sunday I went solo to church while Hubby played in the second round of his golf tournament. He got home mid-afternoon & then we did some yardwork. We sprung for pizza carry-out for dinner & watched the Cards vs. Cubs game. CARDS WIN!! It was definitely one of those weekends where I felt like Hubby & I didn't see each other at all, but it happens. I know that next weekend, will be much better as we've already got plans to do fun things!

I am also happy to report that even after a 4 day break (due to crazy schedules & a horrific level of pain) Hubby & I started back up on the Shred last night. I actually felt really good throughout the entire workout...I think if anything my endurance level is certainly on the rise.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shredded---to a pulp!

Yes...Hubby & I started doing Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred on Monday Night.

Yes...that means we've only completed 2 nights. legs & arms are aching and screaming at me: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?

Yes...I plan on continuing to put my body under such extreme torture in order to tone up!

No...I do not like it, but I'm hoping it will be worth it in the end.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holiday Weekend Rewind!

I have decided that I absolutely love having Friday's off from work!!! Hubby & I both got lucky & didn't have to work on Friday so we had a fabulous 3-day Weekend. Friday we slept in (for us) & then got up and headed to a really fun 9-hole, par 3 golf course. We had a great time and I actually played really well. I played my first shot the entire round & I shot 43, which is very very good for me! I love golfing with Hubby & he's actually a very good teacher. Friday afternoon we came home & did some work around our house (lawn care, cleaning, etc.). My parents have season tickets to the Springfield Cardinals so we headed out with them for a beautiful night at the ball park. Oh how I love ball park food...corn dogs, peanuts, cotton can't much better than that!!! We had a great time & they had a wonderful fireworks show after the game. On the way home we also couldn't pass up the opportunity to stop at 2 more fireworks stands--we definitely had plenty of stuff to blow up!

On Saturday morning Hubby & I were less than motivated to do much of anything so we laid around the house & did venture out to Walmart & Lowe's. We finally got ready & headed down to my parents' house for the day. Bogey was excited as always to be able to run free on my parents' land. We helped set up & get everything ready for the big party. We also spent some nice time in the pool cooling off before everyone arrived. I think my parents ended up having about 20 people show up for the festivities. What a blast! (pun intended)

Lydia practicing being a supermodel!!

Lydia playing patty-cake with her mom!

My dad, Hubby, & cousin Lathan taking the loot down to the launch site

Dawson was super-excited with his parachutes

The viewing gallery for the big show

When you have so much stuff, it's very important to be organized! ;o)

There wasn't much wind, so the smoke hung around for awhile

I also spent a little bit of time trying to get some good shots of the fireworks--I was actually pretty happy with how they came out.

Sunday after church, Hubby & I had a nice lunch date. We grabbed a quick lunch at Panera & then caught a matinee showing of The Proposal. This movie was fantastic--I laughed super hard several times & Hubby enjoyed it as well. We came home & I enjoyed a nice little nap before the work week gets started back up again! Oh how I love long weekends!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Last night Hubby & I joined my parents for a bit of pre-July 4th shopping...aka buying an obscene amount of explosive items used for entertainment. This has been a tradition for my family since I was a little girl. My brother & I would always load up with my parents & my cousins & head out for fireworks shopping. Dinner was always at a local Mexican restaurant, Mexican Villa, followed by traipsing around a huge fireworks tent filling our baskets with as much as we could fit. Each year we would come home with more & more to shoot off & we have always ended up with a huge production.

This year was no different--we did have some minor mishaps as they tent we normally go to has closed & the next tent we went to had priced their selection incredibly high. We finally ended up stopping at 2 good tents & supporting some great local causes by doing so. We ended up with a suburban full of fountains, sparklers, smoke bombs, artillery shells, 500 gram box fireworks, and much, much more!!!

Our office is closing on Friday so I've got a 3-day weekend & I couldn't be more thrilled! As you can tell, 4th of July is a big deal with our family & I can't wait for Saturday! Hopefully I'll have some good pictures to show!