Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Rewind ~ Springtime in January?

I know that so many parts of the country have been experiencing some crazy winter weather...not heavy snows & frigid temps, but abnormally warm & windy days that makes it feel more like Spring than January aka the month when we normally receive the most snowfall. I have mixed feelings about it...I certainly love a beautiful winter snowfall but I'm also quite glad we haven't had to deal with sub-zero temps with Elyse--I have a feeling we'd be staying home a lot more if we had normal winter weather!

We had a pretty fabulous weekend, low-key but fabulous anyway! Friday night we took advantage of a gift card we received after Elyse was born and treated ourselves to dinner at McAlister's. We also had a little bit of a sad night as one of our favorite shows had it's series finale.

Hubby & I have been Chuck fans since it first aired several years ago and we're so sad that it's over. It was a fun, family-friendly show that still had many of those spy/action movie aspects...but without all the crazy blood, gore, violence and language. Shows come to an end all the time, but this is one that we'll really miss! Elyse wasn't too excited about Chuck, she passed out early in Daddy's lap!

Saturday we spent most of the morning lounging in bed with our baby girl. We had a quick dinner before heading out to run a few errands and then going to a Missouri State basketball game. It was a "maroon-out" but Elyse doesn't have much maroon so we dressed her to the nines in her Missouri State gear!

Starting her out right with jeggings & pink Uggs!

Our sweet family minus a happy baby~she wasn't too excited about the hat!

Thankfully the game had a great outcome and Elyse was a very good girl the entire game! It helps when she sleeps for at least half of the game, but even when she's awake she was a happy girl! I'm so glad the noise doesn't bother her...we love going to the games!

After the game we sent Elyse off with her Papa, Gigi, & Uncle Nick and Hubby & I took advantage of a Groupon to a local fondue place. We hadn't made any other plans so we were home LONG before we needed to be for Elyse's last nightly feeding, but we had a good time and it was nice to have a fun evening out together. I'm so glad that we're making this a priority! Not that we don't absolutely LOVE being with Elyse, but maintaining our relationship is so important as we walk through this parenthood adventure!

Yesterday we headed to church where we heard a fabulous sermon on finances, we grabbed a quick lunch and then came home to relax for the afternoon. We just spent the day hanging out and trying to get a few things done around the house. It's amazing how fast times flies when you're at home trying to take care of the baby to-do list!

We did find time for a manicure...
...but Mommy & Daddy really aren't sure how they feel about it, it makes her look like such a big girl!

We headed back out last night to witness a very special time for one of our great friends. Andrea was baptized last night in the pool at our local YMCA; she's been a believer for a long time but had never been formally "dunked." It was so great that we were able to be there to support her for this special moment!

We love you girl...and are so happy for you!

It's a little bit of a bitter-sweet week for me. More about it later on this week, but with our present plans this is my last week when I'll be home with Elyse. Next Monday I go back to work part-time for 3 days a week. My mom will be keeping Elyse and I'll still see her every day at lunchtime, but it will definitely be an adjustment after I've spent the last 7 weeks with her practically all day everyday!


Lib at Truly His said...

What a great weekend! Loved the baptism pics!! Elyse is getting so big and adorable!

Danavee said...

That pic of Andrea and her mister is precious! Love it.

Danavee said...


Danavee said...


Lindsey said...

Love those pictures, amazing!!!

Casa Cannon said...

love the baptism pics, that's awesome! Next week you will do great, and I know you can make it through! Will be thinking of you! :)

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Okay.. those uggs are adorable and her nails? Perfect! SO PRECIOUS!!

Jess said...

Your sweet baby is just adorable. I love her little painted pink nails as well. Also, never seen a pool baptism, but love that you don't have to be in a church or holy water to do it. xoxo

Mrs. Pancakes said...

she is growing up soo fast! and how awesome that your friend was baptizing!!