Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend Rewind-Hot, Hot, Hot!

While the temps seemed to cool down just slightly from earlier in the week, it was still a miserably HOT weekend!  Friday evening we went over to some friends' house for a BBQ.  Most of the group continued the evening with our community fireworks display, but we headed home with Elyse so she could get to bed.  Recently she has started to turn into a pumpkin aka unhappy girl aka crying monster about 8 to 8:15...mainly because our girl is ready for bed!  So we called it a night and headed home. 
Happy, ticklish baby girl!
Saturday morning I was scheduled for a morning of pampering.  Nick had purchased a pretty substantial spa package as my "push" present & I was finally able to find 5-6 hours when I could put it to good use.  I spent the entire morning and some of the early afternoon having an aromatherapy bath, facial, massage, lunch, & a spa pedi/mani.  Let me tell you...IT WAS GLORIOUS!!!  I came home just in time to feed Elyse and then after a bit of playtime we headed out for a quick dinner at one of our favorite local Mexican places, Maria's.  It was delicious & Elyse always does so well when we're eating out!
Daddy & Elyse spent a lot of time together while momma was at the spa!
Sunday we went to church & heard a powerful message on criticizing and how it can tear down everyone around  you...talk about convicting!  We grabbed some sandwiches for lunch & then headed down for some pool time.  So thankful to have a family pool practically in our backyard that we can use ANY time! 
Momma & baby girl enjoying the water (don't worry she was only out there without her hat for a few moments!)
And finally after we became all pruny & water-logged we headed out for the annual fireworks shopping excursion.  Nick & my dad might enjoy fireworks just a little too much & we left with the back of my dad's suburban packed to the brim with fountains, rockets, sparklers, artillery shells, gian 500 gram cakes, & a huge fire hazard!  We're still undecided as to whether we'll shoot everything off tomorrow...it's just been so hot & dry that we might postpone until we have a little bit of rain!  Either way we'll have a fabulous day tomorrow!
Our American Sweetie...too focused on Josie the puppy to smile for the camera!

Well we didn't buy one of each...but close!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!


Megan said...

I love how she's smiling in all the pictures! Yay for a spa morning as well!!!

Danavee said...

Which spa did you go to???????

Stesha said...

sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I wish it was hot here!!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

i love how elyse is such a water baby...it's been too crazy hot!

Danielle said...

Oh my gosh she is so unbelievably darling in her 4th getup!! Love it!!

Jamie said...

She is just precious.

Lindsey said...

Love her Fourth of July outfit!!!!