Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hubby & I had a very nice weekend, dinner with my brother & his wife on Friday was fantastic! We went to Olive Garden & it was a fantastic visit in the fact that they got there before we did & suffered through the waiting process. That's my one serious complaint with Olive Garden--people will wait forever to eat there & they seem to line up at 4:30 every night to get in line! Oh well, we had a great time & enjoyed some great conversation. Saturday Hubby & I went our separate ways...he headed to the golf course with one of his friend's from high school & I headed to work & then to the spa for a massage & a manicure. The massage was fantastic & I was so relaxed when I came out of that room. The manicure itself was fantastic; however, the paint job left much to be desired...my nails were already chipping by last night so now my short little nails are 'au naturale' yet again. Sunday was just church, relaxing, laundry & small group with nothing too major.

My dad had another business meeting in Kansas City yesterday & today so Hubby & I are dogsitting the lovely Josie again. She is so hilarious & has such a fun personality. The whole potty training thing is going better & Bogey has not yet relieved himself on her so I figure that's definitely progress. She'll go home tonight & I'm sure Bogey will be slightly delighted that he has all of his space back.

Work has been a little crazy yesterday & today---my computer contracted some sort of virus so it is in the shop & this just completely throws my game off. Yesterday one of the ladies I work with was out sick so I used her computer & then today our part-time lady is off so I'm using her computer. I hate not being at my own desk--it makes me feel very very very unproductive. Hopefully we'll have the computer back by tomorrow!

Oh & remember those lovely tulips I posted pictures of on Friday...well they are now in a lovely glass vase on my counter. With temperatures in the low 20s last night they would have never survived so I cut them on Sunday afternoon & put them in our kitchen. They are just beautiful & hopefully they'll last for awhile. I guess we'll just have to wait for more spring color in our flower beds--at least it's supposed to warm up in the next few days!

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