Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elyse Love ~ 32 Weeks!


Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've debated about sharing my actual weight gain, but figure at this point...what the heck! So, as of our dr's appointment today, I'm up 30 lbs total. Not anything wonderful, but definitely manageable. I keep going back to the fact that the majority of my weight gain came during the 2nd trimester and I'm making much better & different eating decisions now compared to then.

Gender: Our precious baby girl...Elyse Ann!

Movement: Moving, moving, moving! She certainly seems to have those times during the day when she moves more than others & I'm starting to quickly pick up on those things that make her move much more. I'm certainly not going to act as if I've completely cut out sugar or caffeine, and when I have those things she's certainly on the move. It's crazy to sit at the dinner table or at my desk at work and literally watch my stomach move back and forth as she does her gymnastics in my belly.

Sleep: Sleeping is definitely something I look forward to each day. While my energy level is low after a day of work or after working around the house, it's not an energy level which makes me want to fall's one where I just want to sit and rest. I sleep really well for the first 6ish hours of the night, but after I get up for my bathroom break I seem to toss and turn until my alarm goes off.

What I miss: My energy! and doing things without losing my breath. Since Elyse is getting so much bigger and she has so little room, I seem to be short of breath so much easier. Even just gathering up my things and getting into my car for work can make me tired and out of breath. Seriously! These last 8 weeks are definitely going to force me to rest when I need to rest and work when I feel at my absolute best.

Cravings: still craving free! I've filled our fridge and pantry with lots of healthy options so I don't have to even be tempted by the unhealthy snacks...of course that doesn't count the homemade cherry pie! Thanks mom! ha! These next 8 weeks are going to bring SOOO many opportunities for yummy's all about moderation and control, because you better believe I won't be completely missing out on all the holiday foods!

Symptoms: The tiredness is my most obvious symptom, but there are other small symptoms like occasional heartburn, weakness, and an aching body that definitely make me feel 8 months pregnant! I hate to complain about any of these issues...but this is life right now, and there are certainly times when it's hard for this girl. I'm normally a go-go-go kind of girl, and that just isn't possible right now.

Maternity Clothes: Practically everything...the dress I'm wearing in this week's photo is actually something I had before I was pregnant. I'm thankful that a lot of the fashion trends right now are loose-fitting, empire-waisted, knit dresses with leggings. It makes my daily wardrobe much more comfortable and I still feel cute all at the same time! And feeling cute is definitely a big accomplishment at this point! ;o)

Best Moment this week: It's been pretty low-key, which has been really nice with my lack of energy. We had another dr's appointment today and hearing the heartbeat is always a big event! Even with all of her movement, it's always so reassuring to hear Elyse's heartbeat!

Baby To-Do List: Game 6 of the World Series was postponed due to weather last night so that means we've had Tuesday & Wednesday to work inside and check a few things off the list. I've pretty much got the nursery as organized as it can be with what I have and we've been working on some of the wall-decor. There are still several things to purchase, but that will have to wait until Nov. 1 when Elyse's Dave Ramsey envelope gets replenished! ha! I've got a goal of having most everything done by we'll see!

And of course...the belly pic. Thank goodness for leggings!


Amanda said...

i absolutely LOVE that she has her very own dave ramsey envelope! haha! you guys are my kind of people! :) so glad everything is going good.

Sara said...

You look fabulous! So glad to hear that everything is going well. Only a few more weeks! Crazy!

toi said...

You look great :). I like the fact that you can still fit your pre-pregnancy outfits, it makes life a litte easy sometimes.

The Presutti's said...

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like your doing wonderfuL!

Courtney B said...

Look at how CUTE you are!! Love the pictures :)
And I love your baby girl's name, it's so pretty!