Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Elyse Love ~ 2 Months

Weight: We find out officially tomorrow, but based on Nick's scale experiment we're guessing right at 10 pounds! She's definitely growing like a weed and starting to get a few little rolls on her thighs and arms! We've also got some chubby little cheeks which are absolutely adorable! She's been wearing size 1 diapers for the past several weeks, and she'll be in those for quite some time. The newborn diapers just weren't cutting it anymore!
Clothes: Elyse has outgrown ALL of her newborn clothes. I haven't brought myself to box them up yet, but she's definitely not newborn sized anymore. Most all of her 0-3 month stuff fits great. Our little girl is SO long that she needs the 0-3 month stuff for the length more than anything. We've got a closet full of 0-3 month clothes, so I'm hoping she stays in these for at least the next month if not longer!

Food: Elyse is still eating great! On the days when I have to work I'm able to nurse her basically every other feeding and the other times she has a bottle from either my mom or Nick. She's taking the bottle really well which definitely makes this working momma happy! She always seems like she gets plenty to eat and is a happy little girl after meals...these are my favorite times with her because she's so alert & just happy!

Sleep: Elyse had her first night of sleeping all the way through about 10 days ago. During her 8th week, she slept through the night 4 of 7 nights but I'm not naive enough to think that's going to last forever. She hasn't slept through at all this week which is honestly fine by me. While I would love a full night's sleep, momma is a little uncomfortable when I don't nurse her for 8-9 hours! She's still napping really well, taking a short nap in the early morning and then 2 longer naps in the late morning and afternoon. She also always takes a bit of a nap during dinner time for Hubby & I which makes it nice for us to enjoy dinner together. Right now she really wants to be up when we're up so she normally just takes catnaps or dozes off with us before her last bottle before being put to bed for the night. She's a great sleeper and I know it's only a matter of time before she starts sleeping through more consistently!

Activity: She loves to lay down on her back and look up at the ceiling, but we're also giving her plenty of tummy time. She got a new activity pat & pad from Mamaw & Pappy which helps her to elevate her head during tummy time, this makes it much more enjoyable for everyone. In fact she's been on her tummy for almost 20 minutes just now completely content and just hanging out in the floor with momma. She also loves to stand on our laps & be thrown into the air. We've got a strong little girl who's definitely got some growing muscles!

Personality: Oh the smiles! She has these incredibly gummy grins that she is starting to give us several times during the day & it just warms my heart! She is definitely starting to develop a little personality and it's so incredible to watch her grow & change each day. She's also starting to communicate with us through more sounds than just her cries. She will coo & grunt & you just know she's talking to us...especially when she's ready to eat! I love those sounds so much sometimes I just like to annoy her a little bit so she will keep talking to me!

*her pacifier~she's definitely most partial to the Nuk pacifiers so we now have 5 in our possession, she'll still take the others, but Nuk's are definitley her favorite!

*music~Gigi bought a collection of children's songs and anytime we're playing the floor I love to have that playing in the background. They remind me so much of VBS and Sunday School when I was a little girl. Sometimes we sing and I move her arms & legs, but other times we just listen to all the songs about God & his love for us.

*attention~Elyse doesn't always have to be held, but she would definitely prefer to be where all the people are! Several times during the day I will lay her on her activity mat or put her in her Mamaroo while I work around the house...she doesn't seem to mind being by herself for a few minutes as long as she can see/hear me!

*bath time~ This has become time for Elyse & daddy to spend together and she loves it! She just hangs out in her little whale tub while he gets her all nice and clean. I'm definitely looking forward to bath times in the future when she can actually play in the water!


*I honestly can't think of anything specific that she absolutely dislikes. She has gotten much better at the clothing changes & the diaper changes. While she might still cry during these times, she's not inconsolable and as soon as we're finished she's a happy happy girl! I'm so thankful for this happy girl!

Two Month Milestones:

*First Manicure: 1/29/2012

*First Dinner Date out with Mommy & Daddy: 2/3/2012 to Houlihan's
*First Night to Sleep through the Night: 2/5/2012

*First Day at the Babysitters: 2/6/2012


Melanie said...

She is so sweet! Thats good that she doesn't have to be held all the time too..Makayla has always been that long as she can see one of us..she's ok!

LC said...

What a cutie that you paint her toenails pink!!!

Lib at Truly His said...

I have to agree with LC, the toenails are adorable!

Lauren said...

She's growing so fast!! Too sweet..the cutest Valentine!

Amanda said...

awww i love that her pictures are with fredbird! lol! she has the tiniest little legs! just precious.

Callie Nicole said...

She is so CUTE, And I love her little leggings!