Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elyse Love ~ 3 Months

Weight: As of the official 2 month appt back in February, Elyse weighed 9 lbs 14 oz and was 23 inches long! I would say that she's definitely over 11 lbs now and continues to grow in length! We'll have to do the scale test soon to see exactly how much she's grown, but our little girl is definitely starting to get a few rolls on her thighs & arms and those chubby cheeks are just irresistible!
Clothes: Elyse is still in size 1 diapers, but I'm not sure how much longer that's going to last. They are definitely starting to get quite a bit smaller so an upgrade in the diaper department may be coming sooner than I thought. She is still wearing mostly 0-3 month clothing, but will be moving into 3-6 month fairly soon. I most likely won't be buying any more 0-3 month unless it's simple onesie playclothes for this crazy early summer we're having! Thankfully we have a lot of hand-me-down 3-6 month clothes that we can hopefully break into!

Food: I really couldn't ask for a better eater. She went through a growth spurt a week or so ago and is now eating between 4-5 oz everytime she takes a bottle. I have to assume that she's also getting that much when I nurse, because of the quantity I pump at work. I'm so thankful that she's eating well both from me & also from a bottle!

Sleep: We still aren't sleeping through the night every night, but we are OH SO CLOSE!! She is sleeping from about 9:45 to 4:30-5:00 and then goes back down until around 7:30. She still naps very well, but she's shortening them up & stays a happy girl. I'm waiting for the consistent night-time sleeping but with an exclusively breastfed baby, I'm pleased as punch that she sleeps for 7-8 hours without interruption!
Activity: This girl is going to be mobile before we know it! She has the ability to roll over, but certainly doesn't want to do it all the time. She also kicks her legs & moves her arms like crazy which is absolutely adorable. It won't be long before we have to keep an eye on her every second because of her being able to move on her own! I think Daddy needs to get those cabinet locks installed...and fast!

Personality: Elyse has become much more vocal this month with a wide variety of sounds instead of just soft or loud cry. She also has these "squawking" noises that are meant to get your attention. I just listening to her talk & coo & goo at us, it warms my heart that she wants so badly to communicate with us. Her smiles are also becoming much more frequent and her full-face grins are simply perfection.


~Pacifier--Thankfully she still doesn't require this for sleep, but I won't pretend that she doesn't nap sometimes with it. There are just certain times when nothing seems to soothe her except for her binky.

~Her hands--If she's tired those hands go straight to her mouth and she tries to shove in as many fingers as she possibly can. I just know she's going to gag herself one of these days and at this point she's not sucking on her thumb, she's just exploring with her hands.

~Movement--She has become so much more alert this past week or so and so she loves to look at anything with movement.

~Bathtime--We are bathing her every other night & this is definitely special father/daughter time. She will give Nick these huge grins as he gives her a good rubdown! I can't wait until she can actually splash & play in the water!


~Middle of the night diaper changes--She rarely cries like she does during a diaper change in the middle of the night. I certainly don't wake her to change her, but most of the time I do clean her up if she wakes to feed. She absolutely hates this even though she doesn't seem to mind diaper changes any other time of day.

3 Month Milestones:

*Rolling over from front to back: 2/21/2012

*First Day in the Crib @ Gigi's: 3/13/2012 ( I think this was more of a milestone for Gigi than for Elyse!) ha!


Lindsey said...

That headband is adorable! She is just perfect!!!

Jill said...

I jumped over here from The Girlfriend Letters. I love your blog! Your little one is beautiful!! Did you make the cute onesie for her? Wish I had more time this morning to dig around...I gotta run to work! I'll be stopping back!