Monday, March 19, 2012

Luck O' the Irish Weekend

We had a pretty fabulous St. Patty's day weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous--it felt more like the middle of May instead of the middle of March. I honestly can't believe it's still technically winter until tomorrow!
Friday evening we met up with our pastor Tony & his wife Dana. Nick & Tony had signed up for the Shamrox 15K on Saturday morning so of course they needed to "carb-up" for the big race. Of course carbing-up meant eating a huge amount of pasta for the guys and I couldn't let them think they were the only ones eating I had my fill of delicious bread & pasta as well! Oh how I love Italian food!
Our little Lucky Charm!
I've said it several times before, but I love that we have such a great relationship with the leaders in our church. There are three pastors in our church who share the leadership duties and having a true friendship with one of the couples has been such a huge blessing.  I feel so much more connected with the church & their leadership and it's so great to get together to fellowship instead of just seeing the pastors once a week on Sunday mornings. 
Saturday Elyse & I pretty much had the day to ourselves!  Nick left early for his race, so Elyse & I took advantage of having no plans and went back to sleep for awhile.  There's just nothing better than cuddling with my sweet baby girl! 
Nick came home mid-morning with some yummy donuts in has hand!  We worked around the house for the rest of the morning & then he headed back out the door to play golf with one of his friends from high school.  Yes, I get the "Awesome Wifey" award for encouraging him to take advantage of the beautiful day & do something he loves so much!  Don't worry...I have a full spa-day coming up soon! 
I didn't do much during the afternoon other than picking up the house & working on a few projects here & was just nice to be able to work around the house with the windows wide open & the sun streaming in! 
Elyse & I loaded up in the car to meet up with Nick & his good friend Blake for dinner at one of our favorite local pizza places (I feel like I say this a ton...but we love our pizza!)!  The Pizza House is located on an old historic street that honestly used to be a little bit of a scary place to go...but they've revitalized a lot of the area and we love the pizza & atmosphere there!
We came home for the evening & still had time for a nice walk around our was the perfect end to a perfect day! 

On Sunday we headed to church & had a quick lunch at home before my brother & his wife came over to see Elyse.  She was her normal happy self & even had quite the conversation with Uncle Nick!  It's so amazing to hear her try and talk to us every day!  I just love her little coos & giggles & oohs & ahs!  A few of the members of our small group were going to be out of town so we cancelled the study portion and decided to just gather together for a cook-out & some fun fellowship! 

I was in charge of dessert & turned to Pinterest for some inspiration!  This slightly modified version of Rice Krispy treats was a hit! 


Melanie said...

LOVE Elyse's St Paddys day outfit!!! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend..very relaxing!! Those rice crispie treats look so cute and yummy!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Such a sweetie pie - her toe nails are my favorite!!

Bethany said...

I'd say they were a hit...since there weren't any left. HA!

Lindsey said...

Love her St. Patrick's day outfit, adorable!!!!

lindsey said...

Ummm...can I just say that I adore her little toenails!!! So adorable! :) I'm glad you guys had a great weekend!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

So the toe polish..she is such a girly girl:-)

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Mmmmm! Pasta is my fave! I actually had it for dinner tonight!
Elyse looks adorable in her St. Patrick's Day outfit! Those rice crispy treats look fabulous!

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh my gosh she is so so cute!! and i love how her nails are painted i will be buying that for my baby girl whenever i have one. at least i hope to have a girl, wouldn't it be my luck if we ended up with all boys? yum rice krispies, yummy!