Thursday, August 16, 2012

No Teeth Marks for Elyse! Pinterest Success!

I have to take just a moment to brag on my own momma aka Gigi.  She made all the crib bedding for Elyse, the quilt for her room, and she completed most of the fabric covered canvases and embroidery hoops...but she still had one more project. 
I found this project on Pinterest from here before Elyse was even born and just knew it was something we needed to have.   
 Elyse's crib was purchased with the idea that it would be converted into a full-size bed eventually...but a full-size bed covered in teeth marks just doesn't quite have the same effect as a bite-free one.  I'd looked at the options for rail guards sold in the stores and they were just plain old ugly.  They had the plastic ones or the khaki cloth ones...but I certainly didn't want to take away from her nursery.  Add to that the fact that the top of Elyse's crib rails are extremely wide & most of those options wouldn't have worked anyway. 
 So my crafty, fabulous momma took the same fabrics she used for the rest of the bedding & created this beautiful cloth rail guard that covers all 3 sides of the crib where Elyse could stand up.  I'm so thrilled with how it turned out and it adds even more color to Elyse's room! 
Elyse, sorry to take away such a fun chew toy...but you can blame your Gigi for this one!  ha!  


Mrs. Pancakes said...

that's awesome...i've thought about getting something for the railing too...go Gigi!

Melanie said...

Oh My Gosh..LOVEEE!!!! Wished I had thought to look this up on pinterest before myself..yeah you guessed it..we got teeth marks on our crib!

Sara said...

WOW! Love!! What a great idea! I haven't even thought about what I'm going to do once Mac starts teething. Great idea to do a crib rail! Fabulous.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

We have a crib full of teeth marks. This is so smart!