Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday!

Welcome to another edition of 5 on Friday...AKA Elyse's Baby Book AKA Week in Review AKA the only fairly consistent blogging I can accomplish!  

1.  Last Saturday we had a joint family party for my two nephews who both celebrate birthdays in October.  Elyse LOVES her cousins...especially Jackson who is 5.  I mean she LOVES them!  This was the best photo I could get of the three of them and I really thought Elyse was being sassy with her face...but stay tuned...

2.  I am having such a HARD time controlling myself with all the cute fall stuff out for Elyse, Old Navy & Target have been my saving grace this year when it comes to both play clothes and dressier stuff.  I couldn't hardly handle Elyse's cuteness on Sunday so I requested a quick photo shoot...thankfully she obliged for a photo not only with momma, but one with daddy too!  

3. Yesterday it was BEAUTIFUL outside so we spent 2 hours in the morning at the park with my bestie and her little boy who is a year older than Elyse.  After a shorter than expected nap, I decided to break out my non-existent crafty genes and let Elyse paint some pumpkins.  I added some painters tape in various spots just to give them some personality...and Elyse LOVED this project!  I'm already brainstorming what we can paint for Christmas using a similar technique.  

Oh, and see that face down below...pretty similar to the one in the first picture above right?!?  Yeah...apparently that's what I get now when I ask Elyse to smile, so this is her "fake grin."  Lovely.
The finished product after I removed the tape!

4.  And just to show you that it's not always perfect in our house...this was the response I got when I said "no" to more paint and took the paint away.  I stood her in the floor and she literally stood there and posed for a good 2-3 minutes, crying and screaming as I snapped away.  A good crying fit is always camera-worthy!

5. And in operation "ba" removal...the pacifiers are gone.  We haven't officially thrown them out, but at our house she hasn't slept with one or asked for one in nearly a week.  While I'm certainly glad that I don't have to break out my go-go-gadget arms to retrieve them from underneath her crib before bedtime each night, it's also a little sad that my little baby girl continues to grow up into a big independent girl.  However, I'm super happy that weaning her from them went so smoothly....clipping the ends worked WONDERS for us!

Happy Weekend everyone, hope you have some fun Fall activities planned!


Sami Seibert said...

Stopping by from the link-up!

I always mean to grab my camera when Lucy throws her little fits, but I'm usually trying to hold back my laughs because she is so dramatic!

Have a good weekend!
-Sami @

Susannah said...

What a fun project with your little girl! Isn't it hard when they don't want to end a project and it turns into a cry fest?

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Awww, those pumpkins, they are masterpieces!

Mrs. Pancakes said... that she enjoys spending time with her nephews! and it's so sad that her paci is all gone!