Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Destin, FL ~ Part 2

So....nothing like having a week between vacation updates...but a certain little almost-2 year old has been keeping us uber-busy!

The rest of our week really wasn't much different than the first part...wake up, eat breakfast, beach time, lunch, beach time/nap time, dinner idea of a perfect beach vacation! So...enjoy another picture overloaded post as I try and include some of my favorites from the week!

Elyse did find lots of ways to entertain herself in our condo...including the mirror that covered one wall in the dining area.  She LOVED playing peekaboo with the little girl in the mirror!  ha!


Double-chin frown!

Oh my we are IN TROUBLE!!!  Check out that hip action and flirty grin!
She looks SO big here!
Squinty-eyed from the bright sun & snotty nosed!

View from our condo to the right...
...& to the left!
So thankful that she was willing to wear her hat and sunglasses most days!  
Feeding the birds with daddy!
Momma toes, Baby toes, & Daddy toes
Sunset perfection!
My fabulous parents
Oh how blessed I am with our family of 3!
Elyse with her Papa & Gigi
I just love beach sunsets!

Having popsicles with momma!

Our last afternoon on the beach
One of our favorite places!
A group picture
She was incredibly set on giving Papa the what-for!

Thanks Mom & Dad for all the help on the trip!
 Hubby did decide to break out his fearless side and chose to zip-line in the dark on our last evening...he didn't really consult with me to let me know that this also included a 100 ft free fall from the top of this tower! I think next time we'll have a bit more of a discussion before he makes such a crazy decision!

Overall I honestly could not have asked for a better family vacation for 2013. The weather was beautiful, the water was mostly clean--except for some jellyfish the first day, and some yucky June grass at the end.  However, it was just what I needed to recharge my batteries for the upcoming crazy holiday season!  We're already dreaming of our vacation next year & how much fun it will be !


Lindsey said...

That looks amazing!!!! Glad you had a great trip!

Courtney B said...

What a perfect and BEAUTIFUL vacation! It looks and sounds like you had the best time! Destin is totally on my vacation destination list!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Ah, I spent a lot of time in college at Back Porch :) I love Destin! That pic of Elyse cheesing in her bikini is too much!