Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Rewind

So I figure it can still be considered a current "weekend rewind" if another weekend hasn't quite arrived yet...right!?!?
Memorial Day Weekend brought the first weekend that we spent in our new home and it could NOT have been any better.  We finally got our privacy fence finished on Friday and the new owners took possession of our old house the same day, which meant that thankfully Bogey was finally able to come home.  We spent our first evening at home grilling hotdogs & brats and just enjoying the peacefulness of our new backyard.  Trust me, a full house update is coming soon! 

Saturday morning we ran a BUNCH of family errands for the new house, new furniture, new barstools, and new yard equipment for Hubby.  And then we headed over to my precious niece's 1st Birthday expected, my sister-in-law went above and beyond with Harper's birthday decorations.  It was all incredibly beautiful and a wonderful celebration of a very special little girl.  I left most of the photo-taking to the professionals...but I did snap a few phone photos of the birthday girl and Elyse! 

Sunday Hubby made our family plans and we headed down to one of our favorite places to visit as a family:  Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.  It is owned and operated by the owner of Bass Pro Shops, and is a 6 mile round trip walking/biking trail with waterfalls, flowing rivers, and several picnic areas.  We told Elyse we were heading on an "adventure" and we had an incredible time!  We both rented bikes and a buggy for Elyse to ride in, and packed a lunch/snacks for us to have before we headed home.  Elyse did very well riding in the Burley buggy behind Hubby's bike and of course she fell fast asleep on our way home.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and such a fabulous family outing...I see lots more trips in our future! 

We finished up our weekend on Monday with just a day of working around the new house, lunch at Wendy's (Elyse's favorite place for nuggets), and then a few more errands before heading home and calling it a day.  I couldn't have akesd for a better first weekend in our new home...because that's what it already feels's home, because of the people who live their with me, not because of the walls that surround us. 


Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

okay...that last picture of Elyse is just too much!!!! I swear I have yet to see a picture of here where she's not smiling:) I love that about her!
And we ended up going from a Tahoe (it had 3 rows and was perfect!) to a Suburban.. I'm in heaven haha!

Susannah said...

Looks like you guys had an absolute blast!!!! :-)