Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

And just like that two weeks have passed.  Between family sickness, moving, a vacation for Hubby & I and just overall life, blogging has taken a back seat. Our world has been pretty busy recently, with both blog-worthy stuff, and some not-so blog-worthy stuff...but I couldn't let Mother's Day 2014 go by without posting a few pictures from our fabulous day. 
Sunday started off with Elyse's gift to me...two new flower pots for the new house.  I couldn't be more excited, as this year I probably won't get the chance to actually plant as much in the ground as I normally would like.  These will add the perfect splash of color to our new front porch! 
We headed to church and then over to Hubby's parents house to celebrate with my mother-in-law and Hubby's sister's family.  I know I've mentioned it multiple times...but Elyse LOVES her cousins Hunter & Jackson which means she gladly sacrificed her nap to spend some quality time with them. 

After lunch and a few was time for the 1st Annual baseball game.  We picked teams and had quite the 3-inning match...I think our team ended up winning by 3 runs, but it was a little uneven as Elyse & her youngest cousin Jackson were on the same team...and their attention spans are less than long!  ha! 
After the game, Elyse announced it was time to go we took that as our cue to load up and head to my parents' house.  My brother & his family joined us as well for a casual pizza dinner, a ride on the four-wheeler and golf-cart, and of course some photos. 
Elyse took her first ride on the four-wheeler and thought she was big stuff...don't worry, they were literally going like 2 miles an hour!

Harper checking out the clover flowers!  Love my precious niece!
 Papa & Gigi hadn't had a good photo with their girls in awhile and thankfully all participants were in good humor!  I think these two girls have Papa & Gigi wrapped around their little fingers! 

Elyse then announced that it was time for a picture with Harper...but trying to get a picture of an almost 1 year old and an almost 2 1/2 year quite the task! 

Harper quickly checked out even while Elyse was all cheesy, cheesy grins! 
Overall it was a fabulous Mother's Day, and I'm still in such awe that God chose me to be Elyse's mom.  It truly is the greatest blessing of my life and her cute little grins or random stories make even the frustrating part so incredibly worth it.  I mean...she even got to sit in timeout before breakfast after she colored on our wall!  She has NEVER done that...what in the heck!


Melanie said...

Love your flowers!! And all I can say about crayons on the wall..thank goodness for Mr Clean Magic Erasers! Makayla has colored my hardwood floors several times!!

Susannah said...

Awww... Sounds like it was a great Mother's Day!

Sara McCarty said...

She is so stinking cute. So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I love the 4-wheeler photos. Mac is obsessed with riding the "For For" as he calls it. :) We must get these two wild children together one of these days. Oh, the trouble they could cause!

Megan J. said...

That picture of you and her with the flowers is adorable. Framer for sure!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Elyse looks SO big in those last few photos!

TOI said...

lovely moments captured. Can't believe Elyse was the littlest last year :)