Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend 2014

We had a pretty wonderful Father's Day Weekend!  Hubby actually planned our Friday evening activity as he presented me with an invitation a few weeks ago for dinner out as a late anniversary celebration and also a half-birthday celebration for Elyse. 
She found these glasses at Gigi's house...and wouldn't take them off!
A very good restaurant that was located south of Branson burned 8+ years ago...and finally reopened after a local businessman (and the owner/founder of Bass Pro Shops) poured a rumor $60+ Million dollars into the entire facility.  There's an incredible driving range, putting course, and 9 hole golf course which is mainly the reason for Hubby's excitement! 
The entire property is just beyond words...check out that view...and the infinity pool below! 
We decided to take Elyse along for the adventure so we got all dressed up and had an AMAZING TIME!!! 

We spent the rest of the evening roaming around the property and just taking it all in.  The sunset was going to be gorgeous...but Elyse was DONE.  So we headed out.  Rest assured we'll be back soon, without Elyse, to take full advantage of that sunset!

Saturday I worked and spent the afternoon at home while Hubby had a fun morning with Elyse and then played golf with his Dad in a father/son tourney.  Elyse & I spent an hour or so at the local community pool before we all met up for dinner at one of my favorite local pizza places.

Sunday we headed to church and then to Hubby's parents house for lunch.  I managed to wrangle all of the cousins for a picture with their Pappy before we broke out the STL Cardinals pinata!  My MIL thought the kiddos would enjoy it, but who was she kidding, I think all the adults enjoyed a few pieces of candy as well!

She has the whole sorting/matching thing down...she ONLY wanted the PINK laffy taffy...and she didn't eat a single piece, she just wanted to collect it!
We finished up with a little water table fun before heading out for a quick car nap!

The sun managed to go behind the clouds just as we arrived at my parents' house, but that didn't keep Elyse from wanting to swim!  Ha!  Hubby & Papa were the lucky ones who got to join her in the pool yesterday!  It was a little chilly from a fresh rain yesterday morning and the cloudy skies didn't help!

My brother & his family surprised us by calling to tell us they were headed down to join us for dinner...we attempted a photo of Papa with his two you can see, no one was really excited about that!  ha!
We had a fabulous day celebrating all the dad's in our lives...and I certainly wanted to celebrate Elyse's Daddy!  She made him a wonderful grill platter, but I still don't know if we'll be using it or putting it on a plate stand for display!  Pinterest success for sure!

God truly blessed me with some incredibly daddies in my life and then blessed me yet again when he sent me Hubby to become a daddy to my children.  He is amazing with Elyse & I can't wait to see him be a daddy of 2 in just a few short months! 

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

Looks likes fun time...isn't wonderful when you can celebrate special moments with the little ones ... They get so excited to be part of the fun!!