Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just Keep Swimming & Splashing!

Back in February we put Elyse in swimming lessons once a week.  To judge where she was skills wise, they put her in the Babies & Me class which meant that I got to be in the water with her.  However, while she was really enjoying herself, I could tell that she really wasn't gonna progress much more until we moved her up to the next level. of May 1, we moved her to the AquaBabies class which meant that she was in the water with just her teacher and the other kids.  I could sit & observe her, but I wouldn't be in the water. 

There was a pretty good (3-4 weeks) transition period as she cried off and on and didn't want to be left by herself, but now she's doing great!  I still have to convince her that momma will sit and watch her and she still peeks back to look for me every once in awhile, giving a huge grin & a sweet wave.  However, she is learning SO MUCH and has become so much more comfortable in the water. 

I haven't taken many photos at swim lessons because honestly the lighting is terrible!  However, we have recently discovered "splash time" at our local aquatic center & Elyse is IN LOVE!!! 

We took Hubby back on Sunday afternoon/evening to show off her skills with the slide & we had a blast.  There is a slide area that is perfect toddlers and Elyse can even touch at the bottom of the slide, so we were never concerned about her going off by herself.  Plus, swim lessons have taught her so much and she's not at all afraid about the water being in her face or going under for a bit! 
Snack first of course!

Daddy & Elyse got in trouble for "jumping" in the pool in another area...apparently there was too great of a fall risk...Ooops! 

Splash Down!

Cheese for Momma!  Oh how I love this girl!
 At first she wasn't too thrilled with getting into the fountains, but then she went crazy!  And her daddy even taught her how to sit on them!

We grabbed pizza afterwards and I think we've found our new Sunday night tradition! Swimming pool & can't get much better than that! 

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