Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Little Bit of Elyse...

With all the excitement surrounding Nora, I realized I hadn't posted an update on our little Toot very recently...and trust me, this girl deserves her own precious post!  

Elyse, Toot, Sweetie, Sugar, Baby Girl, You are amazing.  Seriously.  You have become this sweet little girl who I adore with my whole heart. You are no longer a baby, or even a toddler...but a little girl who loves all things girly.  

Starting towards the end of my pregnancy with your sister, you developed this crazy, amazing relationship with your Daddy & it has just followed us through those first newborn weeks and isn't slowing up anytime soon.  You LOVE me and we have a great time together...but it's your daddy who you absolutely adores & I melt every time I watch you interact.  I'm so thankful for a daddy who's as hands on as yours is, it certainly made me feel less guilty once Nora arrived!   

You are full of personality.  All the time.  Like overflowing!  You love to sing & dance & twirl around like a princess. You still reads and reads, and seems to become attached to 1-2 books at a time and we read those over and over.  Your big princess book is always nearby & you seem to have a specific fondness for Ariel & Cinderella.  

You have learned to play games, and will follow the rules for the first 1-2 rounds.  A favorite right now is CandyLand, where you love to hold the pink special cards and you also still enjoy the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game.  You also enjoy playing tag & hide-n-seek...although it's pretty easy to find you when you always hides in your playhouse.  You also love to play this crazy game that you & Daddy made up called Backwards on the Bed.  It's hilarious and I enjoy being on the sidelines just watching you play.   

You are still a fairly good eater, and while it might not always be the most well-rounded, healthiest meal...I'm thankful for a wide range of foods that you will eat right up.  Tacos, Spaghetti, Greek Yogurt with berries, Chicken Nuggets, Pizza, and Quesadillas with either sour cream or guacamole are probably at the top of your list...but you will eat lots of other things as well.  Berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries) are still #1 of any food on your list...and if you won't eat those, we know you really just aren't hungry at all!  Veggies are bottom of the barrel...but we can typically get you to eat green beans on a fairly regular basis.  We have started to make you try a few new things at meals, and I'm hoping you'll be open to trying new things in the months to come.  Needless to say, a few mealtimes have become a your daddy & I are trying to find a balance in having you try new things but also having nice family meals together.

But oh Lordy, you get Hangry...(angry from hunger)...I hate to tell you this, but you inherited that from your momma & your Papa!  
You are incredibly observant and soak up details all day, every day.  Even when we think you aren't listening or paying attention, we realize that you have been when you spout off something random that you saw a few days or weeks earlier!  This ability to take in details can make you seem a bit overwhelmed in new situations, simply because it's physically & mentally impossible for you to take in every single detail around you.

I'm thankful that for the most part we have skipped over the terrible twos and the trying even made the adjustment to having a new baby in the house an absolute breeze.  You still certainly have your moments when I have to pause and remind myself..."she's 3.  she's only 3."  But for the most part you are incredibly well-behaved and treat us and those around you with respect.  You can still throw a pretty decent fit, and I have to admit that you got your first official spanking a few weeks ago...but now it seems just the threat of that possibility makes you shape right up.  However, I must say...even those threats are few & far between.  

You have the sweetest spirit and always seem concerned when someone is crying or upset.  Just last week, I was crying about everything with Nora and you walked up to me with the sweetest voice and reassured me saying..."It'll be ok Momma, it's gonna be alright."  And you know what baby were exactly right.  You also are fairly good about using your manners...although thank you comes out a lot more than please does.  
Your vocabulary continues to blow our minds and while you aren't officially reading, you have lots of books memorized and can tell us lots of stories from Mickey to Sheriff Callie to Cinderella.  You are also getting better at telling us stories and telling us what happened when we ask questions about your day or about your time at church.  You have a pretty crazy obsession with movies & most recently your favorites are Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Lady & the Tramp, & 101 Dalmatians aka Pongo.  I hate to admit that you've watched a bit more tv than I would like, but with your new sister and some late winter snow storms...movies have been fabulous for cuddling & passing away these last few cold winter days.  I hate to break it to you...but your daily movie watching may be coming to an end and I honestly think you'll be happy to be spending more time outside, getting fresh air!  
You don't actually know it yet, but starting in August you will be going to preschool for 2 half days a week.  I know that you love your time at home with me & your time with Gigi, but I know you will love the social aspect of preschool and you will learn so fast.  We have tried to do a few "school" days at home...but you don't really seem to have much interest.  You learn things in about 2 seconds, so I know that anything they want to teach you will come very quickly to you.  As much as I hate to admit it, you are growing up so incredibly fast and I think you need just a little bit of structure in your life!  And maybe to learn to share your toys with others. And wait in line.  And listen quietly to stories while others are listening.  
You love Nora so incredibly much.  You help me take care of her and ask to hold her on a daily basis.  You frequently talk about how you & Nora are "best sisters" and I think that's one of the best descriptions I've ever heard.  I hope you are always "best sisters" and that you will always be there for each other.  Even if you don't share well all the time with other kids, you frequently bring your favorite toys to Nora for her to see or hold on to...I can imagine this will only last until she starts taking them from you to push your buttons!  
Sweet girl, I love you so.  You are the one who first made me a momma and it seems that every day we learn something new from each other.  While you are perfectly happy to play independently by also at least want me to be in the room with you and most of the time I'm more than happy to oblige.  I love it when you hold my hand or snuggle up on the couch with me or ask me to hold you.  I know those days are numbered and so I cherish every one of them.  You make me smile daily & I'm so thankful for everything that you teach me.  You are certainly one of a kind and I pray that we will be best friends for years to come...

Love, Momma

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She sounds like she's pretty much the sweetest thing ever! :-)