Friday, March 27, 2015

A Slide, I-Spy Holes, a Giant Mountain and a Pirate Ship

Last year when we moved to our new house, I knew that one thing I really wanted to add to our backyard was a big wooden playset.  We discussed getting one last summer, which really ran into last fall...and by the time we decided to do it, the sets we wanted were all sold out.

So we just saved our money, knowing that as soon as the weather started to warm up we would purchase one.  And let's be honest, I'm glad we didn't have it all winter...because I know Elyse would have been begging to go out all the time and that just doesn't work with a newborn and frigid, cold temperatures.

With all of the chaos happening with Nora, our timeline actually got pushed back a little further than we had originally planned, but a couple weeks ago we finally made it to SAMs and purchased the set I had fallen in love with.  And we also splurged and purchased the install/delivery.  This was not optional for us.  Our time is way TOO valuable, and I love my husband enough to not put him through the torture of such a long and tedious process.

And so...while we were at work on Friday & while Elyse spent the day at my parents' house...something new & exciting showed up in our backyard!

I honestly couldn't be more thrilled with how it looks and Elyse absolutely LOVES it!  I can already tell that there will LOTS of imagination going on when we play outside this summer & so many memories made with our new playset.  

When Elyse talks about her new "playhouse" she always mentions the slide and the i-spy holes (the holes at the top of the second level) and the giant mountain (the rock wall) and the pirate ship (the yellow tandem swing).  I love that she has already created names for many of these things on her own!  

We're in the process of finding an infant swing for Nora as well...which means that lots of family evenings will consist of a quick dinner and spending the rest of the night outside in our backyard.  I tell's just what this momma's dreams are made of!  


Aspen Kelty Marie said...

I LOVE wooden swing sets! We just don't have enough flat area in our yard for one :(

Aspen Kelty Marie

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Melanie said...

Love it!! That's what we got for Makayla last year for her birthday..let me tell well spent having them put it together! We bought ours from and of course had to put it together ourself. Took hubby a whole WEEK with the limited time he has!!!!