Saturday, May 2, 2015

Nora Kay Love ~ 5 Months

And almost as shocked I am that it's May already, my baby girl is 5 months old.  One month away from being closer to 1 than a newborn! 

Weight: Who knows?!?  We don't have another checkup again until next month, but we get probably weekly comments about how cute and chunky she is.  Nora definitely doesn't leave any food on the table, and I'm so glad she's my chunky, roly poly girl! 
Clothes: We've officially moved into size 2 diapers, and I've moved her into most all of Elyse's old 3-6, 6-9 month clothes.  During our semi-annual, seasonal shopping trip I did pick up a few things for her and I bought 6-9 month stuff just so it would for sure fit for at least most of the summer.  I've boxed up all the newborn stuff and I really need to clean out her closet to make room for all the cute summer dresses and rompers that have been boxed
up for the last 3 years! 


Food: She's cut back a bit on the quantity that she's eating, but we've still got that overnight feeding.  I haven't had the heart to take it away completely, but last night I did only allow her to eat on one side and as long as I gave her the pacifier she seemed just fine.  I'm truly thinking she's not waking up from hunger, but more from just wanting to snuggle.  I'd really love to get her sleeping through the night...but our 15 minute snuggle/nursing session won't last forever and I just can't bring myself to let her cry it out quite yet.  I can't believe we'll be starting some solids in just a few short weeks! 
Sleep:  It's really not bad at all.  She goes down for the night sometime around 7:30 and typically, hopefully, fingers crossed...makes it until at least 1am before waking up.  I feed her, she goes promptly back to sleep and typically I wake her up at 7am to start our day/schedule.  If she wakes up before then, or before the 1am mark, Hubby goes in and gives her the pacifier which typically will buy us quite a bit of time.  She's still being swaddled, but I'm also thinking we may have to get rid of that soon because she's wanting to roll over and it's just no good to roll over AND be swaddled.  Of course, as of her 5 month birthday...we took away the overnight feeding.  Now we just go in and give her back her pacifier and she easily makes it through the night.  Hopefully she'll start sleeping through on her own soon without us having to do the mean cry it out thing! 
Activity: Well, this month she at least learned to roll from belly to back...but she doesn't want to show off every day.  She will roll over on to her side consistently and also does the whole 360 degree rotation while on her mat...but she just hasn't quite figured out how to roll over her shoulder yet.  We traded out the Mamaroo for her Jumparoo this month and she enjoys looking at all the animals and sounds that come along with that.  She's not quite tall enough to reach the floor, but she's OH so close!  She still really enjoys being down on the floor and if being held she wants to be able to see out so she can see what's going on.  Can't say that I blame her!?! 

Personality: Her personality continues to develop and blossom each day.  We have conversations on a regular basis and she is certainly not stingy with her smiles.  She's also just recently learned to blow raspberries, which results in a crazy amount of drool!  Slobbers, oh the slobbers!  We've started putting bibs on her so she doesn't get upset about having wet clothes.  I honestly keep waiting to see a little tooth pop through...but nothing yet, and I can certainly wait awhile on those!  She still has her witching hour in the evenings before bed, but that seems to be tempered now that we're able to be outside and go for walks right before bath/bedtime. 

The first time she actually noticed the giant bear sharing her chair! 


*I didn't change most of these from last month...Elyse, her hands, and the floor are still some of her favorite things! 

Elyse--Nora LOVES her big sister...and I'm pretty positive Elyse adores her back!

Her Hands--This girl has her hands in her mouth ALL. THE. TIME. I really thought she might be teething, but I think she's just discovered her hands and absolutely loves having them in her mouth.  

Independent Time--She will lay on the floor for 20-30 minutes at a time just hanging out and batting at her toys.  She's also starting to love her jumparoo and it makes it easier to fix dinner when I have multiple places to move her! 

Mom...I'm Done.  Seriously.  Done. 
There really isn't much to add here...this girl is happy probably 97% of the time. With 1% being when she's SUPER hungry, another 1% being when she's tired, and the other 1% when Elyse has invaded her personal space just a little too much! ;o)

Elyse & Nora: 
This relationship continues to grow and blossom just as Nora's personality continues to shine through.  Nora constantly watches Elyse and loves it when she walks in the room.  She giggles every time as Elyse runs by and Elyse manages to get a smile from Elyse almost every time she tries!  I know that soon Nora will be crawling around and following Elyse everywhere...and while I certainly don't want to wish the moments away, I can't hardly wait to see them truly interact and play with each other.  (of course I know that may also bring along some fighting, which I could do without!)
My precious Nora,
You are such a joy.  Seriously. I can't imagine our life without you, and it seems as if you've been here all along.  Your personality lights up a room and you talk and talk and talk when you're happy & rested & full.  I can't wait to see your own individual characteristics blossom as you continue to grow and learn about this wonderful world.  We love you more than words can say. 

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