Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Fireworks Day!

So I fully realize that the holiday we celebrate on the 4th of July is called Independence Day...but every time we got out a new firework, Elyse would call out:  Happy Fireworks!!!  Elyse always wonders whose birthday comes next, so it was an easy explanation that we were celebrating America's birthday!  

We started off our festivities with the annual Fireworks purchase.  We always celebrate the holiday at my parents' house in the country, which means we can blow up as many and as much stuff as we want!  We started with quick & fun dinner at Freddy's, and then it was off to the fireworks tent...err...fireworks building.  As you can see, I think Gigi had just as much fun as the granddaughters!  

Our office observed Independence Day on Friday so we had a 3-day weekend.  We invited several people over on Friday night, but only one family was able to make it.  We ordered some pizza, and then let the girls shoot of a few little fireworks.  Yes.  We're lawbreakers.  


We didn't have much planned on the actual holiday besides heading down to my parents' house.  So we lounged around in the morning and then headed down in time for lunch.  Elyse swam until she was exhausted and declared that she wanted to rest a bit with Daddy.  It wasn't too long before she crashed on his lap.  


Safety first!  


We had a smaller group this year, but it was a success as always.  We put Nora to be early, and Elyse barely made it through all the fireworks before she crashed on Papa & Gigi's couch before heading home.  Another 4th of July in the books...

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Sara McCarty said...

Oh, this is so much fun! We didn't do fireworks with the kids this year. Partly because we were on the river camping in the middle of nowhere and partly because I don't trust Mac with ANYTHING even mildly explosive. He'd be all about those safety goggles though - he's obsessed with his safety goggles. :) Too cute!