Friday, September 4, 2015

Nora Kay Love ~ 9 Months

Wow.  I have a 9 month old.  An active 9 month old.  We're practically already to toddler-hood, and while I love watching my girls grow up and experience new things, I also certainly have some bittersweet feelings about the babyness going away all too quickly. 
One newsworthy event from Nora's 9 month appt...her platelet count is now at 453,000!  Praise God!  We've definitely come a long way from the count of 7,000 we had just 6 months ago! 
Weight/Height: 18.4 lbs and 27" long.  She's actually smaller than Elyse was at this age, and I've certainly noticed that some of the baby chunk is starting to fall away with her being so mobile.  I also think that baby led weaning is causing her not to gain quite so much weight since she's not truly eating everything that's in front of her. 
Clothes:  She's wearing size 3 diapers and I literally have 4-5 huge totes currently in my house as we are in the process of transitioning from one size/season of clothes into another.  As we leave for Florida, she's still able to wear quite a bit of 3-6 month stuff and also her 6-9 month stuff...but as we come back most all of her fall clothes will be 9-12 month.  She seems to be just a little more petite than Elyse so some of the larger stuff may have to wait until she grows just a bit more.  I'm ok with that, it gives me an excuse to buy her a few new things! 
Food:  I honestly don't know if I've ever seen anyone enjoy food as much as Nora.  She is perfectly content to sit in her high chair for nearly 30 minutes as long as she has food on her tray.  She has many favorites including peaches, tomatoes, grapes, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, apples, french fries, noodles, peanut butter & jelly toast, berries, pizza, etc.  I honestly can't think of a single thing that she won't eat and that makes me so happy...of course even with Baby Led Weaning, I know that these moments are fleeting.  I just hope that BLW will help us transition out of the picky toddler stage sooner rather than later. 
Sleep:  We had to do a little bit of sleep training this month, the 9 month sleep regression was fairly short lived as she had to figure out how to lay back down since she was sitting up in her sleep.  She's also still fighting some new teeth which results in some minor crying during the night, but she quickly settles herself back down and sleeps mainly from 7:30-7 am.  She's also still taking 2 great naps during the day which allows me some momma time and also some quality time with Elyse.  Elyse slept HORRIBLY during this stage, so I'm hoping that we'll skip right over that with Nora. 
Activity:  So you know that momma paranoia about Nora not crawling yet?!?  Yeah, that's gone.  We are definitely a mover.  She officially started crawling on all fours a few days before she turned 9 months old...and hasn't looked back since.  She crawls from room to room and can be in a different place in a flash.  You don't enjoy rocking much anymore and this makes me incredibly sad, preferring to just be quickly laid down in your crib when it's time for nap/bedtime (which by the way, we've now moved your crib all the way to the floor--we don't want a repeat of what happened with your sister at this age)! We laugh that with Elyse we baby-proofed because we should, because that's just what you do with your first baby.  But with Nora?  Yeah, we're babyproofing because we have to. Silly girl, she's going to give us a run for our money!  She's into EVERYTHING! 
Personality:  With turning 9 months old came just a little bit of separation anxiety.  She doesn't mind to be left with others, but if Momma is around she wants to be with me most of the time.  Her sister hated men, but she loves to smile and wink and flirt with all of them!  I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye on her when she gets older.  We have people frequently ask if she's always this happy or this laid back and the answer is...yes.  Being the second child she's so great at just going with the flow and adapting, which I am so super thankful for!  She loves when we sing or play games and just gets the giggles almost anytime her sister is around.  She's starting to give some open mouth kisses and I just love her absolutely to pieces. 
Elyse & Nora:  Now that Nora is mobile, we've had a few additional issues as Nora really just wants to play with whatever Elyse is playing with.  However, thanks to the advice of a friend, we play this game that "Giant Baby Nora" is coming so we've made it a keep-away game of sorts if Nora gets too close to anything too precious to Elyse.  They still absolutely love each other, Elyse misses her dearly when she's at school and I know that Nora was definitely a little confused the first few days that Elyse wasn't around.  I'm excited for the coming months as they begin to play more & more together...right now the sisterly bond is pretty incredible to witness. 
Nora Bear, Sugar Booger, Nors, Squirt...
Oh how you are loved.  Loved, loved, loved.  You have come into our family & filled this perfect little Nora-sized hole that we didn't really even know existed.  Unlike with your sister, this time around I've been able to be so much more relaxed and I even find myself wanting you to wake up just so I can play with you or spend more time with you.  As your personality continues to blossom, it's so exciting to see how you are similar to your sister in looks but you are definitely your own little person who certainly will have your own ideas & dreams & passions.  God certainly knew what he was doing (as he always does) when he made me a girl mom for the second time and I wouldn't change it for the world.  We love you squirt...forever & always. 


Hannah said...

Glad to hear that she is doing so well! And is sounds like she is a wonderful eater! ...isn't is so funny when they figure out how to sit/stand up in their bed but then they don't know how to sit/lay back down? We struggled with that for a while with Emerson, oh man, the missed naps and sleepless nights... Funny and not so funny. I'm glad it sounds like she has figured out how to sit back down. She seems like such happy and chill baby! Maybe it is a second child thing, because Oliver sounds quite similar to her in that regard!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

So glad to hear about her platelets! Congrats on crawling! Henry didn't start crawling until we was nine or ten months old. I remember being super-worried! It's amazing how that mommy paranoia gets us! :)
Sounds like things are really good!