Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Project 365 ~ August

So...I'm incredibly thankful for scheduled posting.  It'll make this post seem like it was a lot more on time than it truly was!  ha!  

Summer flew by, and it doesn't seem like it's going to slow down anytime soon.  My blogging has certainly taken a back seat and I'm ok with that...I'm just glad that I'm still following through with this Project 365 because it's fun to look back on how the girls have changed & what all we manage to accomplish and experience each month!  

So...here we go!  

Momma finally enjoyed her Mother's Day present with an afternoon at the spa...a facial, an hour massage, and a pedicure and I felt like a new woman!  

Nora turned 8 months old--AKA the last un-mobile month of her life.  

We swam in Papa & Gigi's pool and Nora held on for dear life...

We enjoyed some unseasonably cool summer evenings and took several walks.  

Momma & Mamaw took an excursion to the AMAZEUM in Bentonville, AR.  We'll definitely be making another trip back...but Nora may get to stay home this time!  

We also made a trip to the zoo with friends, and we had our very own zoo tour guide.  

I managed to make it to Zumba a few times, but more importantly I got to celebrate my bestie's 3rd birthday as having her own Zumba studio!  

Elyse went to spend the morning with Aunt B and of course, she got to ride good ole Lucky!  

We had dinner at Branson Landing with my brother's family...oh how Elyse loves her cousin Harper!

Nora was as precious as ever...or at least while she was still stationary.  

Hubby & I had the chance for a couple of date nights!  Woohoo!

And Nora fully embraced multiple-Ba's in her crib...just like her sister!  

Elyse showed me that she's learned to "feed" Cinderella.  Yes, she's pretending to nurse Baby Cinderella.  Hilarious.  

We went to the park with friends, and this girl loved the swings!

And I swear those baby blues got even bluer...#nofilter

Fresh, local peaches found their way to my kitchen...and my belly.  And Nora is obsessed.  But who can blame her, because there's just nothing better.  

I played matchy-matchy with my girls and Elyse begged for a picture with her sister!

Elyse had a big milestone with her first haircut...

& of course there were multiple photos to document it!

Nora devoured enchiladas and fresh peaches, just like she devours almost everything.  Which means we had lots of sink baths immediately after dinner!

We had Open House for Elyse's preschool, she was soooo excited! 

The girls loved each other, and loved each other, and loved each other...

We held our 4th Annual Drive Out Hunger charity golf tournament for the local backpack program.  And I snagged my annual photo with my grandpa.  

Momma was all set and ready to go for the first day of school.  

And Elyse was super excited as well...

Baby backed herself in a corner when she was still not quite sure how to crawl forward.

And Hubby & I had another date night!  

Nora decided she LOVED to stand, which I can only assume means we'll have an early walker on our hands...

And we had a family night out with some of Hubby's high school friends (who became my college friends).  Elyse went bowling for the first time and loved it!  

We finished out the month with another trip to Silver Dollar City, where Elyse got absolutely SOAKED on the Lost River (see above left photo).  But she had a great time with some of her best friends from church!  

Whew...another busy month has come to a close.  But oh so fun to do life with my precious family!

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Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

I like this 360 thing! Super-fun! Your busy little family is so adorable! :)