Monday, October 5, 2015

Nora Kay Love ~ 10 Months

Let's dub this month, the month the "Nornado" hit our home.  What's a Nornado you might ask?  It's the resulting disaster that occurs after Nora has been left to explore on her own for any length of time.  She's everywhere.  And she's seemingly everywhere all at the same time and moves from place to place in a flash.  
Weight/Height:  No official measurements this month.  She's still growing, but I feel like her face is slimming down and I know that the days are numbered for her precious, chunky thighs.  All this crawling and climbing and standing, and eventual walking means that we'll have to kiss most of her baby chub goodbye, and it makes me incredibly sad.  
Clothes:  We're still in size 3 diapers and wearing mostly 6-9 or 9-12 clothes.  She seems to be slightly more petite than Elyse, so we're able to ride out the 6-9 month size a little while longer.  I've packed up most of her summer stuff and aside from a few outfits that I'm keeping for her baby clothes quilt, we're planning to pass them on to little girls who can use them.  
Food: Nora still loves to eat & will basically sit in her high chair for as long as we're putting food in front of her.  I honestly can't think of anything that she doesn't love, except for when I try to feed her from a spoon.  Although that's not really true either because she loves yogurt and applesauce and ice cream!  I think it's just a matter of time before her nursing starts to take a backseat to the whole actual "eating" idea.  And while I love the fact that I've been able to nourish both of my babies for their first year...I'll be more than happy to get my body back and wear clothes that don't have to be hiked up or yanked down 4x a day!  
Sleep:  She's amazing.  She slept great during vacation & for the most part she sleeps great at night.  We have a difficult night every once in awhile, but I totally attribute it to teething. She's incredibly flexible and while the whole sleep-begets-sleep theory works with her...she also seems to adapt and she's just fine going to bed anytime between 7:15-8.  She typically sleeps until 6:30-7 and then takes 2, two hour naps each day.  There's seriously not hardly anything I can complain about when it comes to her sleeping habits!  
Activity:  Well, here's where that Nornado idea comes in.  She's everywhere and into everything.  Literally.  Dog food, dirty trash cans, toilet paper rolls, bookcases, there is no discrimination in Nora's eyes as to what she can or cannot get into.  We close doors and move things to high shelves, only to find that those shelves weren't quite high enough.  She's crawling across the house to reach the play room and pulling up on everything to reach just an inch or two further.  Once she pulls up, she can also easily squat down and pick something up as long as she holds on with one hand.  In order to keep her contained, she loves to swing and be pushed in the stroller...but inside the house it seems that all bets are off!

Personality: It seems the separation anxiety was short-lived, but I'm sure it will rear it's ugly head at a later date.  You seriously are the happiest baby, and people frequently ask if you ever cry.  The answer is simply yes.  But it only happens when you are finished being in your crib, you're over-tired,  or when you're hurt...which happens fairly frequently as you become increasingly more mobile.  You love to sing songs and dance and play peek-a-boo but you are also starting to learn the fun of reading which I'm very happy about.  You babble & You are just one of the happiest little girls that I've ever seen, and I honestly look forward to our time together because I just know that my heart will be overflowing with joy!

Elyse & Nora:  Elyse & Nora love each other, that's for sure.  But sometimes that love comes at a pretty hard price.  With Nora becoming so mobile, Elyse must think that Nora can handle anything because this has been a month of "hard" loving in our house.  Elyse wants to pick Nora up or crawl on top of her or hold her when Nora doesn't want to be held.  I know this will be shortlived because soon Nora will fight back...but for now we spend our time keeping an eye on Elyse and hoping that they're not both crying at the end of a play session!  However, it's seriously all out of love and Nora absolutely lights up when Elyse enters the room.  Elyse adores her little sister and Nora's the first one that she wants to see when she wakes up in the morning.  I can't hardly wait until Nora can join in on all the girly things along with Elyse!

Nora Bear, Sugar Booger, Squirt, Nora Kay...
Oh how we absolutely adore you and treasure the fact that God placed another sweet baby girl in our family.  As you continue to grow and develop, I am just filled with excitement at what the future is going to hold for you.  You are no longer an innocent baby, but are starting to develop an ornery streak which I honestly think makes us love you even more.  You are ready to jump in on the crazy antics of your Daddy & Sister, but are also more than happy to come to momma when you're hurt or tired or just wanting to snuggle for a bit.  We love you Nora Bear, but can you just stay little for awhile longer...I'm loving it sooo much!

This was about 2 seconds before you went headfirst into the definitely had a nice little boo boo on your lip.  All I know is that it most likely won't be the last of it's kind!  

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