Thursday, October 1, 2015

Project 365 ~ September

And another month is in the books.  We're 3/4's of the way through the year and I can't believe that fall is officially upon us.  We had another pretty fabulous month with lots of time with family, lots of time with friends, and lots of time just enjoying our precious family of 4!  

We had some pretty great days at home with tea parties, Disney Palace pets, juice boxes, and our very own tornado named Nora!  

Nora turned 9 months old, and learned to officially crawl.  Babyproofing has yet to occur, we're just running around the house keeping her out of all the things she thinks would be so fun...electrical outlets, trash cans, toilets, etc. 

Daddy took his own selfies, with his very own mini-me's!

 We went to princess night at the Springfield Cardinals game and met up with cousin Harper.  Both of my princesses enjoyed the outing...except for when Spiderman and Batman appeared.  My oldest princess is NOT A FAN.  

Papa & Gigi got in some quality time with their three granddaughters before the first grandson arrives in a few weeks!  These three girls are pretty spoiled to have these two as grandparents.  

We ate the last "special" popsicle of the season...until next year...

We managed to plan a trip to Dogwood Canyon with Nick's family.  We biked the trails and got caught in a total downpour which meant we were all SOAKED.  But such a fun family adventure!

We praised God for his protection as Nora had her 9 month blood work and her platelet count was at 453,000!

My dad did something unprecedented and we surprised our staff by closing the office for the afternoon as a staff appreciation event.  The girls went to a fancy lunch and then to a spa for pedicures and massages...and the boys went to Top of the Rock for some golf!  

Nora kept growing those stinkin' teeth so we tried to soothe her with an ice cream outing!

We spent evenings with friends, and realized that sometimes our "threenager" doesn't really adapt to a change in plans very well.  

Our church celebrated 10 years and I couldn't have been more grateful for the people God has brought into our life because of this body of believers.  

A great college friend recently moved back to the area from DC after 12 years...and we met up with another dear friend for dinner.  I can't wait to spend LOTS more time with these two!

We marked the one-year anniversary since my Granny went to be with Jesus...and we all still miss her so incredibly much!  

I tried to get pictures of Nora's teeth...but this is the best I could do with the little squirmer! 

I took a break from social media posting as we spent a week in Destin, FL with my parents.  More to come in a separate post...

Nora mastered her crawling even more while we were on vacation and learned to climb up 1-2 steps.  Lord help us all!  

Hubby & I put the girls to bed and took a selfie.  With the SuperMoon.  And a streetlight. 

We fall-ified our front porch...I can't believe it's time for pumpkins, mums, and haybales!  

Elyse played even more with her Princess Palace Pets...all 43 of them.  

And this little ornery stinker kept us all on our toes...she's pulling up and crawling over to and making a royal mess of everything....
But, we're loving every single second of it!  


Laura Darling said...

Wow, what a busy and fun month! I hope October is just as great!

Susannah said...

Your girls really are just the cutest things!!! <3