Thursday, October 2, 2008

All things Fall

So as promised, last night I was able to dive right into fall with an apple pie and some decorations for the front porch. I also planted the mums and fall grasses. We tried to split the grasses from a bigger pot, so we'll see if they survive. Apple pie has always had a place in my heart because some of my most favorite childhood memories come from making apple pie with my Grandma for our town's fall festival, Applefest. There was always an apple pie contest followed by an auction. I would always go to my Grandma's house, and she'd supervise (and help a little) me making the pie. We actually won 1st place one year-- $100 prize! It was always a great time and I think about her almost everytime I'm in the kitchen. What an amazing cook!

Wonderful Apple Pie--served A La Mode of course! Oh how I love you hot apple pie!

The centerpiece on the dining room table, a collection of fall goodies on my kitchen bar, & our mantle decorations.
The two mum pots I planted with the fall grass and our fall porch decor. I'm super pleased with how it turned out!
In other news, the hubby and I actually had time to watch television last night and we chose to watch the season premiere of Chuck (which we had DVR'd)--I'm so glad this show is back, does anyone else watch this? It's such mindless entertainment, I just love it!
Also, some exciting news in the Layman family, Hubby's sister (who's first name is also Lauren) has gone into labor with their second little boy. I'm definitely pumped to have another nephew to spoil rotten! Have a great Thursday, because tomorrow is Friday!!!

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