Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bye Bye Mailing List

Today was going along just swell until around 3:00 pm this afternoon--that's when I discovered that in my attempt to be proactive about losing a large amount of data saved on to a computer I had managed to delete the entire mailing list for our company (about 2,000 customers). YIKES!!! The details of how I managed to do this are too long and confusing...the point is that it happened and our most recent mailing list is GONE! (To be completely honest, I'm still not sure how it happened, I think the flash drive I was using just decided to eat it. ;o) Anyways, after a lot of panic and having to admit to my dad (who's also my boss), and the other ladies in the office what I had done...we decided it was for the better and we would just start from scratch and create a much better, new and improved data base of our clients. I do have a copy of the list from 2006 which is remarkably still fairly current. So, tomorrow that's what we'll start doing. Redoing the mailing list. What fun!

In much more exciting other news, I went to the gym and worked out tonight --probably to work out some frustration--and had a really good time. That sounds so strange to say, but I actually enjoy the idea that I'm doing something good for myself. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up the routine.

Also, one quick praise to God...my father-in-law had some heart issues with some results from his physical and he had an appointment with the cardiologist today. The good news is that open heart surgery is not on the list of remedies at this time...hopefully just a stint or the best option is just medication. We'll know more on Friday. Definitely keep him in your thoughts and prayers--he and my mother-in-law are really just wanting to get down here to see that new baby since they live in Michigan.

Finally, this is simply a technical question for someone new to the blogging world. My dear friend Joelle, gave me an award and I'm not sure how to tag someone new to give the award to. Can someone fill me in on how to do this?

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Joelle said...

hi friend!! so, i think you just put a new post up on your blog, giving the award to whoever you want, and then you can leave them a comment on their blog, telling them you have a little something for them on their blog? at least, that is what i did i think.. of course, i new to this too. i cant believe that about the data base! you poor thing!!