Friday, May 8, 2009

Crazy Spring Storms!

What a morning!!! The weatherman was calling for storms overnight, but they were a little delayed in getting here. They arrived this morning about 8:00 am, just as I was preparing to leave for work. dad told me to stay put at home until the winds blew through. I grabbed some old sheets and laid them on the ground so I could bring Bogey in during the storms. I brought him in (muddy feet & all) & tried to get him to dance around on the sheets as much as possible to get the mud off. I called my dad to find out what the radar looked at (I had lost my television at this point) and basically simultaneously as I was calling the tornado sirens start going off. I'm trying to talk to my dad over the tornado sirens & trying to keep Bogey under control!

Needless to say, something else had to go wrong. I turn around to look for Bogey & he is now marking his spot, urniating, peeing, or whatever you want to call it on my door frame to my bed room. Not really a huge deal, except that HE'S PEEING ON MY PURSE!!! My purse was laying on the floor right next to the door & it was definitely getting splattered on. So, I promptly scream an expletive, hang up with my dad & start cleaning up urine--all while the tornado sirens are still going off. I should probably mention at this point, my dad realized the storms were already past me so I was basically just ignoring the sirens. I finish cleaning up the dog urine, wipe my purse down with disinfectant wipes, & then try to relax while the rest of the storm goes through. Bogey stayed in the house--but boy did he know he was in trouble!

Finally the winds seem to calm down so I call my mom to check & see how the weather is where she's at (since this is where I'm headed for work). She says to stay put that they are getting round 2 of straightline winds. My power starts flashing in & out & then it's power means no garage door means no going to work anytime soon. I've just put Bogey outside only to find out that I should bring him back in (& of course he's headed out into the rain at this point). So, I go back to the door & invite him in again & I make sure to get him somewhat dried in the dark. We finally get calmed down & I light some candles & grab a flashlight to read my book in the dark while I wait for my power to come back on. Bogey was very behaved this time might have helped that I was watching him like a hawk.

I finally made it to work about 10:00am after my power came back on & I got Bogey back outside. We didn't have any damage that I can see---just some flower pots over on their side & an outdoor pillow that was on our porch was in a neighbor's yard 6 houses down. Work is certainly going to be crazy with lots of claims to turn in & questions to answer. At least the day will go by quickly.

Oh & did I mention that Hubby was over an hour away set to play in a golf tournament this morning? How come he's never home for the exciting morning experiences?!?

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