Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Rewind~Halloween Edition

Hubby & I had a great Halloween weekend with lots of fun & quality time together. Friday night we had a quick dinner out & then randomly decided to carve the 2 traditional pumpkins we had sitting on our porch. We sat up a table in our garage, backed the cars out, & let Bogey & Josie play while we went to work trying to create something spectacular! We always carved pumpkins growing up so this always brings back some great memories!

One of our several bowls of pumpkin guts!

My evil husband with his weapon!

I mentioned that I'm never in pics, this one is terrible so I guess I'll stick to taking the pictures--it had been a long day!
The finished products! I went for a more artistic flair while Hubby went with completely traditional!
Saturday morning I had to work again and it was super SLOW!!! After work we met up with my brother & his wife along with my grandparents for lunch. We then headed over to visit with my other grandma in the rehab facility. She just continues to make progress & it is so awesome to watch God heal someone over time! After a great visit we came home to prepare for all the kiddos. We had quite the crowd & bought almost the exact amount of candy we needed--only a few pieces left for us to binge on! Some friends came over and I just have to show you their daughter...both their kids are just precious but she dressed up as Pinkalicious! Pinkalicious is a character in her favorite book & it was just adorable to here her say "I'm Pinkalicious...trick or treat!"
Absolutely adorable!
Although Hubby & I didn't dress up, we did abuse Josie a little bit and force her into her Halloween costume....a turtle!!! She was less than pleased while wearing it and about half way through the evening Hubby finally felt sorry for her and took it off. She was quite cute though!
Worn out from all the kiddos!
Isn't she cute!?!
Overall I'd say we had a great are our pumpkins all lit up!
Today we had church & then spent the afternoon working around the house & outside. It was 65+ degrees outside & absolutely beautiful!!! My parents are flying in tonight and should be landing in about an hour. We're leaving very soon to go take them their care & pick them up. I just know that Josie will be so excited to see them. I'll leave you with some random photos I took during the past two weeks!
All bundled up in her coat ready for a walk around our neighborhood!
She was eating her own treat & Bogey was cleaning up after her...I just love him in the background of this shot!

Guarding her precious bone! These would keep her occupied for hours!

By the end of this week, she & Bogey had become great friends! However, I think he was definitely a little jealous and will be glad to have his parents back all to himself!


Mrs. A said...

how fun! looks like you had a great Halloween and for what it's worth I think that pic of you is adorable!!

Brittney Galloway said...

The turtle costume is great! And Pinkalicious was an awesome costume idea!

Hailey {HRH} said...

super cute pumpkins!!!! i love the polka dots -great idea1

Joelle said...

those pics are really cute! i love the one of you with your pumpkin!

Milltini said...

Josie the it! So cute!