Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Happy 27th Birthday to Me!!!

Today is my 27th birthday...woohoo!!! I just love birthdays & love having a day all about me! I woke up a little early this morning so Hubby could give me his presents...I am such a lucky girl! He picked out some great stuff from Banana Republic, a new pair of sandals, & 2 new pair of dress pants that are great Spring colors. He may be colorblind but he's so good at gift-giving...the perfect combination of things I ask for plus his own little spin. Tonight, Hubby & I are having dinner out with my parents & then on Sunday we'll have my "family party." Since most all my extended family lives close by, we still celebrate everyone's birthday. Consider it lucky or unlucky, but the Super Bowl is now either on or near my birthday each year so we normally combine the event & I invite some close friends & the rest of my family to my parent's house for a big celebration. This year is no different. My mom has a fabulous menu planned & I can't wait to celebrate.

To copy off several other bloggers that I read, I thought I'd find some pics from birthday's in year's past.

My 23rd birthday, with my homemade cake decorate by my dad!

Funny story about the above picture, it was the first birthday that Hubby & I were dating (my 21st actually) & I had invited all of our college friends down to my parent's house for my birthday party/Super Bowl party. As you can see from the picture, my hair got a little too close to my candles & I managed to catch my hair on fire. Thank goodness for my Great Uncle...he was sitting right next to me & managed to put out the flames with a clap of his hands. Needless to say I had some smelly burnt hair & a red neck! Quite an embarrassing moment for me & I will probably never live this one down!

Sometime during high school, I'm going to guess probably 15 or 16...

Not actually my birthday, but my birthday present for my 16th birthday! Can I just say how fantastic my parents are!!!

Again, not real sure on the date but I'll guess sometime around 7th or 8th grade...please tell me why I'm wearing a plaid shirt that is 14 sizes too big for me!?

I apparently don't have any birthday pictures on my computer from when I was a little girl--and I'm not going to be scanning them in since they are all in photo boxes in my parents' basement. So...instead I thought I'd include some of my favorite "little girl" photos that I included in our wedding slideshow. Yes, I know...I was absolutely adorable!!

Probably my favorite childhood photo...don't you love my droopy underwear with pigtails!?!

Don't you love my fabulous fashion?!?

Little Miss Attitude...fortunately, some things never change.


Lindsey said...

YAYAYA happy birhtday! What a great cake!

Joelle said...

CUTE pics! Happy Birthday!!

Lyr said...

Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! May you be blessed this year!

pocket full of pink said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Ah you really were the CUTEST little girl! Enjoy your day!

Llama said...

Omg...that picture of you and the apple is SO adorable! Happy Birthday sweetie!