Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Fortunately for me, our office is closed today for President's Day so I'm able to post the Valentine's Weekend Rewind from the comfy, cozy location of my bed. I don't really have any other plans for today except heading out to meet Hubby for lunch. The only thing that could make today any better was if Hubby was off work...however, no rest for accountants during tax season.

We had a great weekend that started out with a fun night on Friday. We had french toast for dinner (breakfast for dinner is one of my favorites) and then headed out to some friends' house for card night. We watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony and played pitch until a winner was declared. The boys were the winner this time, but I know for sure there will be a rematch.

Saturday Hubby had to work which gave me plenty of time to put together one of his Valentine's day gifts. He is obsessed with the cookie cakes from the Great American Cookie Company so when Bakerella posted this I knew I had to give it a try. My mom had the heart shaped pan already so I got all of my ingredients and got to work!
Valentine's Day M&M's...check!

Homemade heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie...check!

The finished product...Yum!! Hubby was thrilled and we still have plenty of cookie cake to enjoy for the rest of the week!

We decided to not go overboard on the Valentine's day gifts and save our money for a new set of patio furniture that we can enjoy together once the weather warms up. However, that doesn't mean we didn't do anything...while I made Hubby a cookie cake, he had these delivered to my office on Friday.

They are so delicious...and as you can see I didn't make it home from work with all 12. I just had to share with the girls at work!
We also got each other a practical gift...I bought Hubby a pink, long-sleeved Polo shirt that will be great for Spring & he bought me a pair of skinny jeans from Banana Republic. We also always exchange cards on Valentine's which is probably my favorite part. We drove to Branson on Saturday night for dinner at Cantina Laredo (more yummy food) and enjoyed the drive along with the fountain presentation at Branson Landing. This is certainly a tradition for us and I hope we can continue this for many years to come.

Before heading out to dinner...

Sunday morning I woke up and made Monkey Muffins from PW for breakfast with a little modification. Instead of the condensed milk, I made my own homemade glaze to put on the muffins. They were so delicious and so easy! We went to church, had lunch at Chili's and then ran a few more errands before coming home to relax. We also had small group last night which was a great end to such a wonderful weekend.

Guess I should probably get out of bed about now & join the world...nah...a few more minutes won't hurt! Happy President's Day for those of your enjoying a day off!


Megan said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Stephanie Hartman said...

Awe sounds like you had a wonderful weekend I'm so jealous you have today off I wish I did =(

Lindsey said...

YUM!!! Those chocolates look amazing!

Kathryn said...

The cookie cake looks fabulous!

Alissa said...

Ooh that cake looks yummy! What a sweetie for sending you those strawberries.

Casa Cannon said...

that cake looks awesome! good work!

Jennifer said...

Your homemade cookie cake looks great - what a fun gift! Glad you could enjoy a day off yesterday too. (o: