Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School Shopping

Ever since May 2006 happened one major event has been missing in my life. That's the year I graduated from college with my masters, and with it went the opportunity and excuse to go back to school shopping each year. I loved going back to school shopping. And now that I'm in a big girl job, in the real world, and completely removed from the world of Back to School...I can't seem to justify a shopping trip. Even when I was in college, I still remember giving myself the excuse to plan a shopping day with my mom & go pick up a few new things for the new school year.

A new pair of shoes, a new pair of jeans, a couple new tops...awww, those were the days.

When I was a little girl, there definitely weren't the excessive abundance of childrens' clothing shops that there are today. I remember it being such a huge deal when our local Limited store opened up an area in the back of their store devoted to little girl's clothes...that was the true beginning of Limited Too. Then came Abercrombie which was totally not what it is today.

Today marks the first day of school for our local school district. I spent 13 years at that school which meant I had 13 first day of school outfits. Can I go buy myself a first day of school outfit to remember the good ole days? In elementary school, my brother & I would load up in the car with my mom & head to the mall for the entire day. A first day of school outfit was always high priority but so were the shoes, the jeans, the accessories. As the years went on, the first day of school included arriving 2 hours early for band or volleyball or football practice so the outfits were definitely not quite as cute...but they were still there.

An "official" first day of school shot. Gotta love those Umbro shorts! (I tried to figure out what grade this was, but no such luck)

A few weeks ago I told Hubby that I missed back-to-school shopping. Of course I also missed the fact that my parents' paid for the shopping spree. Come to think of it, I could use a new brown purse, a couple new pairs of dress pants along with some fall tops to go with it...maybe I'll use my "Golf Widow" weekend coming up and go back-to-school shopping, big girl style.


Brittney Galloway said...

love the picture! I have a very similar picture, circa 1993-1994 that always cracks me up. And yes, I think you should go shopping this weekend!

Casa Cannon said...

OMG so cute!!

Alissa said...

Cute, I too adore back to school shopping and miss not needing to shop for it.

Bethany said...

LOVE the matching slouch socks. :) And as a teacher, I still get a first day of school outfit. My fun never ends!