Sunday, August 15, 2010

A No-Plans Weekend

I honestly can't even think back to the last weekend Hubby & I had with absolutely no plans. No weddings, no planned double-dates, no work, no class, no anything. This weekend was one of those. The only obligation we had, which really isn't an obligation at all, was church this morning. The rest of the time was free & clear, free for us to do with whatever we chose. It was glorious!

Friday was an impromptu dinner out with my parents, followed by another trip to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt, and topped off with a cheezy, romantic movie at home on the couch. Yes, I'm addicted to Orange Leaf. Yes, it makes me feel like I'm eating something healthy with all the yummy fruity flavors. Yes, I realize all the sugar probably makes it bad for me. Yes, I will continue eating it as I can't contain myself.

Saturday we again had no plans so we spent most of the day around the house doing a variety of things. The tempearture was ridiculously hot again so it was nice to spend most ot the day inside. Last night we headed out for Mexican at a local place downtown called Maria's. Yummm! Hubby had also been wanting to see "The Other Guys" so I obliged. It was funny, but probably not something I would spend $$ on to see in the theaters. However, I have to admit that Will Ferrel & Mark Wahlberg are quite the pair!

Overnight we had a cold front make its way through which included crazy-high straight line winds & a nice rain. Thankfully, it truly was a cold front & temperatures were about 10 degrees cooler today & the humidity seems to have dropped to practically nothing. We had a wonderful sermon at church this morning, followed by a quick lunch & then we headed down to my parents' house for an afternoon at the pool. I was afraid that it might not even be warm enough to be outside, but the clouds finally cleared up & the weather was absolutely beautiful. With all the warm temps, the water was actually only 2 degrees cooler than the air temperature which made for a wonderful pool afternoon.

We're back at home now with no evening plans. I'll be catching up on laundry & picking up the house while Hubby studies some more for his next exam. Wow...if only we could have one of these weekends once a month. I love being busy & having fun events to be a part of...but man sometimes you just need a break.


Lindsey said...

Love thos weekends! I hope to have one of those soon!

Heather said...

I love weekends like that! It sounded a lot like how ours was! I was catching up on laundry, but somehow I think I did way more than you! :) Glad you had a good relaxing weekend!