Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Rewind

I can't believe that summer weekends are practically coming to an end. With Labor Day next weekend, that seems to be the unofficial/official end to summer. Hubby & I took advantage by having a full, but very relaxing weekend.

We started off Friday night with a Springfield Cardinals minor league baseball game. They are the minor league affiliate for the St. Louis Cardinals and always promises to be a good time. This was the last Friday night game of the year which meant a Fireworks Extravaganza for the Friday Night Fireworks. They even setup the local symphony on the infield to play music during the extended show. It was a perfect Friday complete with a corn dog, nachos, & peanuts. I love the ballpark!

Saturday morning I had to work while Hubby had class at the same time. It worked out great & we met back at home for lunch at practically the same time. We had no specific plans for the rest of the day so we hopped in the car and spent the afternoon running errands. We marked a tree we plan to go buy in the next couple of weeks to plant in our backyard, we made a stop at Orange Leaf since we were both having withdrawal from our favorite fro-yo, we picked up some landscaping stones for another fall project, & took care of a few other things on our list. Once we were back at the house, I snuck in a quick little nap before a fabulous dinner at home. Hubby grilled pork tenderloin and some bread while I was in charge of the mac & cheese and corn on the cob. It was such a great meal for a fraction of the cost if we had gone out. It amazes me how much money you can save when you eat in!

Today we had another wonderful, but convicting church service followed by a yummy lunch at Qdoba. Hubby is spending the afternoon working in the yard while I'm doing some inside chores like laundry and cleaning our floors. We're hosting the 3rd Annual Football Fantasy Draft tomorrow night so a little bit of pick-up was definitely necessary.

Tonight we start up small group again after our summer break. Some big changes are in store for our fabulous group & tonight we've got to hash those out. With growth almost always comes some growing pains and we'll be figuring out the details tonight. I'm sure I'll have a whole other post dedicated to the new group dynamics! I just hope nobody gets their feelings hurt to badly.


Casa Cannon said...

i think my brother went to that same baseball game! miss you friend!

Amanda said...

my hubby is playing fantasy football for the first time this year. he went to his draft party last week! he is super excited about it! lol! :)

Kelly said...

New to your blog but I love it! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I love those simple ones spent at home.

Ria Thurston said...

Have a fun draft party -- post pics? I am sure it will be quite fun :)