Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hump Day Ramblings

  • I've been in a bit of a blogging slump for the past several weeks...not sure what it is, but I'm pretty sure it has A LOT to do with the fact that work has been crazy & the last thing I want to do when I come home is sit on a computer! However, I keep pushing through because I love the idea of having these memories!

  • I'm currently still at home while I listen to a plumber work on one of our outdoor faucets, guess we should have taken off that small hose over the winter to prevent the plumbing from cracking on the inside! Oh well, there's always lessons to learn with homeownership.

  • The highs are supposed to be in the low to mid 70s better believe I broke out a dress, legging, and sandals for work!

  • Hubby is in the process of looking for a new car. His 2000 Yukon just isn't cutting it in the gas mileage department. We've got a dealer looking for a certified used, I'm hoping he finds one much sooner than later. This 14 miles to the gallon with $3.49 gas is for the birds!

  • I went and spray-tanned for the first time ever last night. And I have to say I'm quite pleased. I was hoping to avoid the ghosty look at my friends' wedding this weekend without looking too fake and I think I've accomplished that! My plan is to go a few more times between now and our trip to Maui!

  • Speaking of Maui....can vacation come any sooner!?!? We are both so in need of a break!


Cara S. said...

Maui....ahhhhh yeah. I need a vacation so bad. Sounda heavenly right about now!!

Joelle said...

miss you friend! i am in a total blogging slump, too much going on. i have been wanting to try spray tan! not sure if i can bring myself to risk it! i totally want to try it though. im pasty white

Amanda said...

the joys of owning a home! hope it all gets fixed soon. i am so excited about the weather too!!!! hope you guys find a good deal on a car. that is awesome! the gas prices are not so awesome. i'm always pastey white.... i need to spray tan for sure. :)

Llama said...

Ohhh Maui!! Im so jealous! I have to try spray tanning some many people rave about it!

Megan said...

Maui sounds amazing right about now!! I really want to try the spray tanning, but I'm scared. Which one did you use??