Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Thoughts

  • I can't believe it's already Friday, this week seemed to fly by...of course the beginning of the week seemed to be dragging on so I guess things always have a way of balancing out.

  • I didn't wake up early to watch the Royal Wedding, but I was definitely running behind as I got ready for work. I thought Princess Catherine's (aka Kate's) dress was stunning. She will make the perfect princess and one day queen.

  • My heart is breaking for all of those people in Alabama. Living in Southwest Missouri we have experienced our fair share of devastating tornadoes. Tornadoes show absolutely no mercy as they rip through homes and uproot the lives that at one time were so stable.

  • Hubby is manning our garage tomorrow for the Neighborhood Garage Sale. We've got tons of stuff to get rid of and I have to work so he volunteered to supervise! I'm definitely hopeful for a good day!

  • The sun is shining today & it feels so good! The rains & cold temps have been here far too long so I'm looking forward to a sunny day!

  • In addition to the garage sale, tomorrow I've got a bridal shower for a coworker's daughter, and Hubby & I have plans to head to our favorite greenhouse to pick up a ton of flowers. I have about 8 planters that are just dying to have some brightly colored flowers filling them to the brim!


Amanda said...

i'm loving our sunny weather!!! hope it stays nice for your yard sale. :) i didn't watch the wedding either....but i saw the dress and it was so amazing! have a great weekend girl!

Kelly-Marie said...

I agree, Kate's dress was beautiful. It's sad to see all the damage in Alabama and the other states that were hit. I know what they're going through though, because our town and areas around us in NC was hit extremely hard, then we got hit again the other day.

Lindsey said...

Kate was so stunning, I loved her dress. So classy and elegant!!

Cat said...

Oh! A neighborhood garage sale?!?!? Sounds like fun! I hope you'll get to do a bit of shopping while hubs runs the sale at your place :)

xx Cat brideblu

Miss Southern Prep said...

Kate looked gorgeous! I agree, she'll make a wonderful Queen one day!

Lyryn said...

I didn't wake up either, but I for sure DVR'ed it. LOL.... would love to hear your take on it!

Llama said...

I too didn't wake up early to watch~ but agree, the dress was gorgeous!-both simple AND elegant!