Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Another Spring weekend is in the books...for us, this was really probably considered the first "Spring" weekend as it was the first Saturday Hubby had off since they beginning of tax season. Even though the official tax deadline is about 10 days away, his firm is basically caught up and so they were gifted with an early Saturday off! Woohoo!

Friday evening was casual with a quick dinner out at Qdoba, a nice walk for Bogey, and then a movie on the couch. We watched "The Switch," a nice feel good movie which was perfect because it required absolutely NO thinking! Ha!

Hubby got a phone call for a round of golf on Saturday so I sent him on his way & spent the morning doing my own thing. For the past few years, I've managed to create quite a random group of large planters. Thuis year I decided to spray paint several of them so they would all be similar in color. I grabbed a couple cans of spray paint at Lowe's and went to work. I was definitely quite pleased with how they turned out.

They're not identical but at least they're all close to the same color now!

Saturday evening we attended the wedding for one of my really, really good friends. Melanie looked absolutely gorgeous and she & her new husband are ridiculously in love! The wedding was held at an old, restored movie theater and it was a great venue.

The incredibly happy couple!

Hubby & I~another incredibly happy couple!

Love this girl! Couldn't be happier for her & her new Hubby!

This morning we headed to church, ate a quick lunch, and then got to work on some yardwork that we avoided yesterday. I didn't think we were ever going to get the yard mowed! It was just one of those afternoons when every little thing was going wrong....let's see....winds blowing 30+ mph, gas cans leaked because the spouts are old and worn out, self-propulsion handle broke on mower so Hubby had to do the rest of the mowing, ran out of gas while mowing the backyard (not a big deal for most people, but with a Bogey-dog in the backyard who always wants to play Catch Me If you Can, leaving the backyard is easier said than done!), and finally still had to rake some because the backyard is growing some ridiciulously thick grass!

Thankfully we finished up with plenty of time for rest and relaxation! And a few tulip pictures to reassure everyone that Spring really, truly is finally here!


Laura said...

Haha, our husbands sound so much alike! A Saturday off and he ends up golfing (and usually for my husband it's with his coworkers). I love how your planters turned out! Lovely color.

Oh, and that dress you wore to the wedding is SO cute! Where is it from? It would be perfect for my friend's wedding in 3 weeks - David and I are doing a reading together as part of the ceremony and I wanted to find a dress in her colors (gray and yellow). Let me know! :)

Megan said...

Ahhh, tulips are my favorite! They are so beautiful!!

That bride's dress is stunning. I love dresses like that. Y'all look adorable, too!! Yay for great weekends!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Your tulips are gorgeous! You and your hubby look so adorable together at the wedding--love your dress! Hope your week is going well!