Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lucy Love ~ 19 Weeks

Well this photo was technically taken at 19 weeks and 4 days, with just a little delay in posting...I mean, there was just a little bit of celebrating going last night, so cut me some slack!


Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well...the days of no-weight gain dr's appointments are finished. I've debated about putting my actual gains on the blog...but at this point I've decided to go ahead and include it because it honestly may not get written down anywhere else. So...I'm officially up about 9 lbs from my starting weight 19 weeks ago. Which truly only makes sense with the way my appetite has been going crazy!

Gender: We're having a precious little baby girl! We don't have names picked out, and once they are finalized we'll certainly share them. I realize we must come up with something very soon...otherwise this child may very well be Lucy forever, whether we like it or not!

Movement: YES!!! A ton of it! The first big movement came on Friday, July 22nd just one day before we turned 19 weeks. It was so incredibly obvious and now that I know what I'm feeling, I feel small little flutters all the time. And's no surprise, the ultrasound tech had a hard time catching our little girl in the beginning because she was moving around so much! I guess that could have been partially due to the 20 oz of Dr. Pepper I drank beforehand in order to "wake up" the baby! At the appointment yesterday, the dr. mentioned that one of the reasons I felt movement somewhat later is due to the fact the placenta is in the front...not a problem, just a fact. I guess that can shield some of the movement. Now I'm just waiting until the movement is strong enough for Nick to feel it as well!

Sleep: Still pretty great...I've transition to sleeping with my Snoogle and when I tried to sleep without it last night, my peaceful sleep was a disaster. I woke up at 2ish...switched out my regular pillows for my Snoogle and slept peacefully the rest of the night!

What I miss: Cold turkey sandwiches, caesar salad, raw cookie dough..this definitely hasn't changed. I've always been the one to lick the bowl when making anything, and that just isn't possible right brownie batter, cake batter, pie dough, or cookie dough for me! ;o(

Cravings: Still fresh fruit...and honestly anything! I'm really having to watch my food intake because my appetite is ridiculous right now, and I certainly can't afford to gain 9 lbs every month until Baby Girl Layman arrives!

Symptoms: My expanding waist line is certainly the most noticeable symptom, but the slight back pain & round ligament pain is still around every once in awhile. Otherwise I'm still feeling great!!!

Maternity Clothes: Well I've yet to actually buy more than one or two actual "maternity" items and that's only because they were on Clearance. I did buy a few new dresses yesterday that shoudl work through the entire pregnancy and even afterwards! I'm so thankful for the dress/tunic, legging trend! Bella Bands are being used with practically every pair of capri pants, jeans, dress pants, etc. My tops are still all my regular tops, but I'm definitely opting for the ones that are a little longer to provide enough coverage for my baby bump.

Best Moment this week: Wow...I'm not even sure where to start! Was it the moment I first felt Baby Girl Layman, or the ultrasound and seeing the incredible miracle growing inside me, or feeling so incredibly loved & blessed by the 30 plus people who filled our home and cheered as we discovered Grandma's (aka Gigi's) intuition was correct and Lucy was indeed a little girl?'s been a week full of incredibly joyful times and I can't wait to see what else God has in store for our precious family of 3!

After the ultrasound, with a few photos...and the prized, but sealed, envelope! Apparently I dressed appropriately for the occasion!

Baby Gear Advice: This week, what about books...not childrens' books but now advice about raising little girls. They could be for either myself or for Hubby, being the daddy of a little princess!

And of course, here's the belly photo, maybe one of the best ones so far! Way to go Hubs!


Brittney Galloway said...

Congratulations on the baby GIRL!!! Girls are so much fun!

I loved Bringing up Girls by Dr. James Dobson! It's a good read for both you and your husband!

Tiffany said...

You look so, so precious!! So fun that you can feel her move...and I LOVE the name Lucy!! I've always thought it was so precious. Lookin' good, mama!!

Megan said...

So y'all waited to find out until the cake was cut?? That's what I want to do!! How was it??

Candice said...

I am a few weeks behind you - we found out at 17 weeks we are having a baby girl too. I am 18 weeks today and can't wait to feel her move. I was also told I have an anterior placenta (front) and it will be a few weeks. I can't wait! YOu look great!