Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lucy Love~16 Weeks!

Today we're 16 weeks and 5 days...but let's just pretend it's the beginning of 16 weeks.


Total Weight Gain/Loss: No idea...and I'm not about to go buy a scale to keep at our house! I did attempt to step on my parents' digital scale over the weekend...but apparently I'm not smart enough to use it so no numbers showed up! Maybe that was God watching over me so I wouldn't freakout at a little bit of weight gain!

Gender: Your guess is as good as ours, but we've started planning our gender reveal party for July 27th! Hubby is convinced we're having a little girl, while I'm leaning a little more towards the boy side of things...only time will tell!

Movement: Nope, not yet! Thankfully the doctor reassured me I may not notice the movement until closer to 20 I'm trying to wait patiently!

Sleep: Is still great, but I've definitely been getting up more often to use the bathroom!

What I miss: Cold turkey sandwiches, caesar salad, raw cookie dough; My mom came to my rescue with the sandwich issue. She baked a full turkey breast over the weekend and sliced it really thin, I was able to get my turket fix without the worries over bacteria. And then for dinner last night, we made a quick stop by Jimmy Johns' to buy their day-old bread! I made more sandwiches last night; I'm thinking this might have to be a regular occurrence for the next few months. You can buy their day-old bread for only $.50 a loaf!

Cravings: I really haven't been craving anything crazy. I'm trying to snack on fresh fruit; peaches, nectarines, bananas, and little cups of peaches or red grapefruit. I've really been trying to keep my eating habits the same, but allow myself to eat more at meals if I still feel hungry. I want to watch what I eat, but I also know that healthy weight gain is important for Lucy!

Symptoms: Really just my expanding waist line. I still have plenty of energy as long as I don't have crazy weekends like I did last weekend! I've got some R & R on the schedule for this coming weekend! I have started to notice just a little bit of back pain if I sit or lay down in the same position for an extended period of time. Guess I'll have to switch positions on a more regular basis...

Maternity Clothes: Well...not so much maternity clothes, but my Bella Bands are starting to make more frequent appearances. I've resorted to using them when I want to wear dress pants; otherwise I've got the button undone by the end of the workday. I also realized last week that I had absolutely no shorts that would fit, other than exercise shorts of course! If I'm being completely honest, I'm not exactly sure when I was last able to wear most of the shorts in my drawer! ha! So, on Saturday night we headed to the mall for a quick shopping trip. The Limited recently reopened in our mall and I was able to pick up several things that should honestly last me all the way through. A nice loose short, a dress which can be worn with leggings in the fall, a long cardigan, and a pair of black shorts with some elastic in the waist...all for about $50! Can't complain about that! I also picked up two other pair of shorts, not maternity, but ones that at least have some elastic that I can push down below my belly!

Best Moment this week: I honestly can't believe it's already Thursday! This week has flown by! I've got the invites ordered for our gender reveal party so it's time to start planning some of the details! And I honestly can't believe I'm about to say this, but it's actually been nice to at least "sort of" look pregnant in most everything I'm wearing!

And I've also decided to add an additional section...all about baby gear! I'm in the process of considering my options for so many different things so I thought I would see if all you moms or soon-to-be moms or ladies with friends who are moms have an opinion on different baby items! There is so much to choose from!

Thank you so much for all your input on strollers, it's so great to get some opinions from mom's who have recently been there, done that!

So this week...Baby Monitors...this is honestly something I haven't hardly even looked at but my mom is trying to take advantage of her 20% off coupons at Babies R Us and thought this would be a good thing to use it on since it's not gender specific. We live in a neighborhood so we'll need something with multiple channels to avoid spreading our drama over the airwaves! Any suggestions? Video or not? If video, do you go with color screen? Do you obsess over watching the video?

And of course, a bare belly photo just for good measure... Just FYI, for all those who are yet to be pregnant; obtaining a good belly photo is an art, I'm definitely not thrilled with this one but it'll have to do.


Lindsey said...

You look awesome!! Such a cute baby bump!

Live Joyful said...

You are looking so stunning and radiant!

Megan said...

You are glowing!! Cutest little mommy-to-be ever!!

Mrs. A said...

you are darling! As far as baby monitors go we went all out and bought a fancy video one and within one week of using it I was right back in the store returning it. For this worry wart mama the video was too much cause I'd see my sweet girl move and think she needed me when in fact she was just grooving in her sleep. So we decided audio was best for us we bought a phillips advent plus and it's been fantastic we live in a two story home and the nursery is on the second floor while our main living areas are on the first I never have problems getting the system to link between floors.

Tiffany said...

You look precious!! So glad you still have your energy. You are glowing!!

Sarah said...

A gender reveal party is such a fun idea! Congrats!


Bethany said...

I LOVED when I first started looking pregnant. That little baby pooch was so cute and it showed people I was indeed pregnant, not just getting fat. HA! I loved wearing fitted shirts that showed my little baby bump. Too bad that little pooch isn't so cute post baby....ha!
We went with basic audio monitors. Everyone who I know who has had the video monitors agree with your friend up there. They cause more stress then they relieve! Same goes for the pads that monitor the heartbeat. My friend had a pad that was supposed to alert you if the baby stopped breathing, but if her baby moved the wrong way on the pad it went off anyway, even though baby was fine! Some of the new baby gadgets are amazing, but some just cause more trouble! :)

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

You look so adorable!! I love your little tiny belly - and you seem to be very healthy! Thank goodness for mom coming to the rescue with the turkey! ;)

EJ & Roo said...

definitely with you on missing cold turkey sandwiches!!! i swear i think about one every day at lunch time!! :)