Monday, November 14, 2011

Lazy Relaxing Weekend

While part of me was thrilled to have a weekend with virtually NO plans, part of me was BORED to death! ha! We literally had an incredibly plan-free weekend and by Saturday afternoon I was going a little stir crazy.

I can't say that we had NO plans because Friday night we had dinner with one of our pastor's and his wife. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but our church has 3 pastors who share the various pastoral roles & I absolutely LOVE it. They are all 3 in different stages of life & it makes it so much easier to relate to the pastoral staff! One of the pastors & his wife are in their early 30s with no kids and we have become great friends over the past 4 years that we've attended our church. I'm so thankful for an incredible church where we don't just attend, but we actually have a relationship with the leadership!

After dinner I headed home while Hubby & our pastor Tony headed to Silver Dollar City. They have an annual 5k called Run to the Lights and it's held after dark, after the park closes for the night. I would have loved to join in, but there was of course no way I could walk a 5k in that hilly park...let alone run it! Tony ran in my place and they were able to have a great time.

Saturday was a day spent at home doing a variety of things...trip to Walmart, writing thank-you notes, lounging around, laundry, and just some general "nesting" activities. By Saturday evening I was going a bit stir crazy, so we loaded up for a big outing to get a Redbox DVD and drinks from Sonic. Yes, I know...we are very adventurous! Hubby kept reminding me that I needed to enjoy my quiet time, but for some reason I was about to go crazy!

We had church Sunday morning and came home for another lazy afternoon. Hubby washed windows while I supervised, I finished up the last of my 48 thank-you notes, and I also managed to have a nice little nap before heading out to Small Group. We are about to finish up Financial Peace and I think overall it has been a great study! We've learned a lot and will definitely be putting several of the principles into practice as Elyse makes her arrival!

It's time for another work week and after tonight we really don't have much planned. If you think about it, you might say a quick prayer for my grandma. She was put in the hospital last Thursday due to severe dehydration and as of last night was also diagnosed with pneumonia. While it's serious, she is making some good progress and should be able to come home in the next few days. I've been banned from visiting her because no one wants me to catch any of the germs from the hospital...but I know she's in good hands & has lots of support.

Have a great week everyone!


Jennifer said...

I'm jealous - my weekend was so busy and I'm in for more over the next several weekends too! It's mostly fun things, but I love a down weekend sometimes too.

Praying for your Grandma to have a quick recovery!

Amanda said...

i love plan free weekends! we were going to do the 5k but it was sold out! i was so sad!!!! i hope your grandma feels better soon! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

boring weekends are probably ideal right now..imagine when Elyse comes...hoping your grandma feels better soon!

Megan and Justin said...

sounds like a good, relaxing weekend! I just found your blog, following now!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Okay, my husband and I have the same problem. We are constantly wishing, hoping and praying for a free weekend. Then, as soon as we get one...we go stir crazy! LOL! I guess this is a lesson in just being grateful for whatever you have at any moment! LOL!

Your Grandma is in my prayers! :)

Megan said...

I love lazy weekends, I'm not even going to lie. Haha. I'm glad you got some rest!! Those lazy weekends will soon be gone. ; )