Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Rewind @ 38 Weeks

When we originally found out that we were expecting a baby in December, for Hubby & I there became an unwritten, unspoken rule that we would seriously limit any weekend obligations for the month of December and even for the month of November.

No major plans were made and for the most part we tried to keep our schedules pretty clear. In my mind we did this for several reasons...a lack of knowledge in how I would be feeling, the possibility of an early delivery, and maybe most practically--the desire to watch our spending with a new baby on the way. While there have been a few times where I miss having those crazy weekends, the ability to veg out and relax for an entire weekend has certainly been enjoyable.

Hubby & I had absolutely NO must do items this weekend which meant I've spent most of it in comfy clothes doing the few things I needed to do from the couch. (let's be honest, it's also my vain attempt to help my ankle bones find the service again! ha!)

Friday evening we attended a Friends & Family event at the new Famous Dave's location that is opening in our area. One of the business partners is a client of ours and so Hubby & I joined my parents for a business appearance, that was really nothing more than an absolutely free meal of BBQ! We had a huge meal and I honestly probably ate WAY too much...but it was all so yummy! We also made a couple of other quick stops to take care of some additional Christmas shopping and we also stopped at Target for a few things for Elyse.

I've decided that quick stops for Elyse are going to be part of our weekly routine...similar to those stops at Lowe's & Home Depot we had 4 1/2 years ago with a new house to furnish! Except this time it's a little human being we have to furnish! ha!

Yesterday was ridiculously laid back for me. I had spent Friday night sleeping on the couch for comfort & I honestly didn't hardly move until early afternoon. I had been ordered to take it easy from Hubby & my momma so I didn't want to disobey! I wasn't completely unproductive as I got our Christmas cards all ready to be mailed...definitely one of my goals to complete before Elyse arrives.

We headed out last night for a nice dinner at one of favorite places...5 Spice China Grill. It's basically a local version of PF Chang's but in my opinion it's SO much better. They seriously have the BEST lobster & cream cheese wontons I've ever eaten! We also made a quick pass by one of the crazy Christmas light displays in town, stopped for a bit of froyo, and then came home for a movie on the couch. We had rented Crazy, Stupid, Love and it was ok...I fell asleep for about 30 minutes in the middle so I honestly can't give it an honest review, but Hubby enjoyed it.

Today has been another laid-back day on the couch. We headed to church, grabbed some lunch and I came home for a brief nap. We have our last official Financial Peace small group tonight and then it will be time for another week.

I honestly can't believe that anytime I could be away from the blog world for awhile because Elyse has arrived...don't worry I'll be posting a photo and birth announcement as soon as I can after she makes her appearance!


Megan said...

Ahhh, I can't believe that it could be any day now!!! Definitely rest and take it easy!!!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Aw that is so exciting! You're getting so close! And this definitely does not help my baby fever :)

Lindsey said...

Ahhh so exciting!!!! SOOO CLOSE!:)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i love the idea of just having a relaxing weekends! wow 2 more weeks!

Recently Roached said...

Oh my word! That's so exciting! Congratulations!

Tiffany said...

Yes, you HAVE to post as soon as possible because we all want to see her sweet face. You're so close now!! Praying for an easy and safe delivery for mom and baby!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

OOO I can't wait to see the annoucnment... I love new little babies haha :) You have been up to so much!