Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Friday!

*It's been kind of a crazy week...but honestly I'm thinking that may begin to be our new normal.  Zumba 2x a week, dinners with family, dinners with friends...our nights seem to fill up fast but I honestly enjoy it!  As long as we have 1-2 nights a week to just veg for a bit I'll take all the socializing! 

*I bought a bottle of coral Pure Ice nail polish from Walmart and paid less than $2 for the bottle. I painted my nails on's now Friday & my nails are still looking awesome, which doesn't happen! Cheap springy nail polish...I'll take it!

*I became a hypochondriac on Wednesday after I felt a swollen lymph node in my neck above my collarbone.  I did the absolute worst thing you can ever do when you notice something sort of medically wrong...I googled it.  BAD IDEA!!  I literally sent myself into panic attack for 24 hours as some extremely horrible thoughts ran through my brain.  Thankfully Hubby was incredibly supportive, encouraged me to make an appointment at the doctor (they got me in yesterday morning at 8 am), went with me to the doctor, and then didn't call me crazy when the doctor simply prescribed some antibiotics to hopefully clear up any internal infection.  I also had some blood work done which all came back completely normal. I'm going to watch the lump, but it's practically gone this morning.  Silly emotional reason to get all worked up like that! 

*Another positive from my dr's visit yesterday was stepping on the scale...I weighed almost 3 lbs less than I thought I did!  I've also joined myFitnessPal just to have some accountability of my calorie intake & working definitely makes you think about what you put in your mouth when you actually have to write it down! 

*Elyse has a cold or teeth or just something that has allowed the liquids to start pouring out of her again...mucus, drool, even watery poor baby girl's face looks like a sopping wet mess! 

*I use exclamation points entirely too much, I don't think I should even count how many I've already used in this post...maybe I should start ending my sentences with a semi-colon; or maybe an accent sign`...thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*It's supposed to be gorgeous this weekend and Elyse is spending tomorrow with Papa & Gigi.  Hubby & I are going to do some long-overdue yard work & then have an official dinner & a movie date night!  I'm pretty stinkin' excited! 

*Before tomorrow's fun, tonight I have an 80s Zumba Party, which is probably going to be a pretty crazy 2 hours! I'm sure we won't all be dressed like this, but it should be fun nonetheless!

*I'm a little jealous of all my teacher friends who are going on Spring Break...desk jobs don't provide for actual Spring Break!  Of course I shouldn't be complaining since we leave for the Dominican Republic in t-minus 7 weeks! 

*Since joining the iPhone world, I've been taking more self-portraits of my daily outfits.  It's a nice reminder when I do actually feel cute!  ha!  Like today when I broke out the leopard flats, black bubble necklace, & skinny jeans which all perfectly compliment my hair in a pony because I didn't have time for anything else before work! 

Happy Weekend everyone, don't forget to change your clocks on Saturday night! 

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