Monday, March 11, 2013

Zumba 80s Style, My Gladiator & Date Night

It was a pretty crazy weekend in the world of fitness for the Layman household!!! 
Friday night I headed out for a 2 hour 80s-themed Zumba party!  I had very little true "80s" gear in my closet, and didn't really have the time/money to go looking for something so my bestie picked up a neon tank for me and I did my best with the rest of the stuff in my closet...I honestly think I did pretty well! 
All ready for the Zumba party!

Me & My Bestie after burning 1000+ calories...I think we still look pretty hot! 

The entire group...such a fabulous group of ladies getting fit together!
Saturday morning I headed to work while Hubby set off for something COMPLETELY out of his comfort zone.  He had signed up for a Gladiator Mud Run a few months ago & was hoping to find some other guys to participate with him...well they all wussed out on him and he considered not going at all.  However, he had already paid the money so he decided to go on his own. After 6.7 miles in 1 hour & 36 minutes and 30 ridiculous obstacles...Hubby declared this the hardest thing he's ever done physically & said he will NEVER AGAIN do it!  He said that 1/2 marathons are SO much easier!  Regardless, I'm so proud of him for finishing 29 of the 30 obstacles...even if he is covered in mud!

My parents are going to be out of town this week so Elyse spent Saturday with them so Hubby & I could have some time to do yardwork together & also have a for real, dinner & a movie, date night!  We went to Maria's, our favorite Mexican restaurant, and then watched Identity Thief.  A great comedy & a lot of fun just hanging out with my man. 
All dressed up with somewhere to go! 
I ZUMBA so I can drink mango margaritas & eat chips & queso! 
 Elyse also spent the night with my parents so we joined them for church and then had lunch with my brother & sister-in-law who are expecting a little girl in May!  Elyse loves her Aunt Millie & Uncle Nick and I can hardly wait for Harper to arrive so they can play together as well! 
Reading to Aunt Millie & Baby Harper...check out that pantless baby with crossed ankles!  ha! 
 It was a pretty great weekend that was finished off with another great evening of small group!  The weather is finally supposed to warm up this week which will make Spring seem even closer to arriving. 


Megan said...

LOVE your date night outfit!! So cute!

Susannah said...

80's Zumba sounds like so much fun! :-)

henning love said...

wow that is totally 80s indeed!! i love how both you and your husband are active you are setting a great example for elyse

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to take a Zumba class. It sounds like a fun way to get fit. Looks like you had such a good time :)


Theodora Ofosuhima said...

you looked great in that outfit. zumba is really working its magic on you, you look fit :)