Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Things on Friday

So here is my obligatory 5 on Friday seems like the only way that I can actually get all my little tidbits thrown into a blog post! 
Head on over to April's blog to join up with lots of other fabulous ladies! 
1.  Momma & Elyse Day Out!  On Wednesday I had several errands I needed to run so I decided to sacrifice Elyse's morning nap for some fun shopping with my girl.  Things were going really well until I went to load her in the car after our trip to Target & spotted a Harold & the Purple Crayon board book!  My daughter had just shoplifted for the first time at 21 months!  Forget the fact that her momma may have given her the book to entertain her for a bit.  I promptly put her back in the cart and marched back into Target direct to the Customer Service counter.  They of course were understanding and thanked me for being an honest mom...I never even considered driving away with that book but it's sad that so many people would have! 
We finished up our morning of fun with lunch at Chick-fil-A meeting some good friends...I'm loving that we can have fun day's out together!
2.  One of the tasks for Wednesday was finding some small, hand-held toy options for our upcoming road trip to Florida.  We've got 12 hours in a car ahead of us and I need some fun new stuff to entertain Elyse.  We bought a collapsible travel desk so she can color and hold things in her lap & I also came home with some small hand-held animals, new coloring books, stickers, bracelets, Minnie crayons, and some yummy new snacks!  Wish us luck!
3.  We came to the realization two weeks ago that we will not be building a house. While we are both incredibly disappointed, God obviously has other plans for us and I'm being reminded of the need to be patient.  So...we now adjust our focus and are stalking the real estate listings hoping for our "perfect to us" home to be listed.  God couldn't have made our decision any more clear, but it was definitely not the answer we had initially hoped for. 
Be patient
4. & 5.   During our mother/daughter shopping day, I also picked up some supplies for a few crafty projects.  I am the LAST person to give crafting advice, but I do have to say that I'm pretty proud of my creations! 
First up, a new fall wreath for our front door...about 45 minutes, and less than $30 later and I have a beautiful new wreath.  Thanks Pinterest for the inspiration!
And up next...a quick little Grandparent's Day craft for Elyse.  We used her finger paints, 2 5x7 canvases, and scrapbooking stickers and came up with a fun little gift for the grandparents! 
I'm pretty proud of my crafting abilities the past few days...of course I'm not counting on it lasting much longer! 





Mrs. Pancakes said...

Sometimes being patient is soooo hard but God really is the planner of our lives! I like how you have girl days with Elyse!!

Melanie said...

Love your crafts! And kudos for being honest and taking Elyse back into Target to return her item she snatched! So many today would just keep going and not bat an eye..not a good way to set examples for little ones!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Once, I left Target with diapers under the cart and the bags of stuff loaded in the cart, put everything in the car, got home and while unloading, realized that I never paid for the diapers. I am a criminal on the run...but loading the kids back up and going back to the store was way more daunting than my sin!

Glad Elyse got off ;)

TOI said...

I love your recount of your day with Elyse, mother and daughter moments are so precious. Beautiful smile. Also God has always other plans for us and His plans are the best, though so mysterious.

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love your crafty wreath and while it is hard to accept what God's will for you three, especially when it is something you wanted, there is always a reason He is protecting you from something

Jamie said...

Her eyes are gorgeous!

Sara said...

Love the mother daughter day idea! I can't believe you guys are driving to Florida! I'm impressed (and scared for you). I'm sure Elyse will do great. Please let me know how all the toys and activities work out. We're thinking of driving to Chicago in a few months (only 5 hours) but I'm freaking out about it!

Anonymous said...

Your wreath turned out beautifully! I am so impressed! I recently made a wreath and it does not look near as good as yours. Great job :)