Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Family Fun Labor Day Weekend

You know those weekends where at the end of it all, you can lay back in your bed thinking about all that just happened and sigh with a true feeling of contentment?  Yay...that was me this weekend.  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend to cap off the official summer season! 
Friday evening we had a very impromptu double-date with our Pastor & his wife, who have become incredibly great friends.  Elyse was with us so we had a quick dinner at Chick-fil-A, dessert at Orange Leaf, and then we headed to their house for a bit.  Elyse decided she absolutely LOVES Tony & Dana and was being so stinkin' hilarious the whole evening.  It's so fun to watch her start to interact with other adults and be super friendly & engaging with them. 
Saturday morning Hubby headed to the golf course EARLY, I headed to work and then we spent the afternoon & evening taking advantage of the nice weather at my parents' pool.  Elyse has become a little fish and I'm so excited to enroll her in swim lessons this winter!  It's just a momma & me class to start with, but I know she's going to love it! 
After dinner we headed up to my grandparent's pond where our first born, furry son was able to swim a few laps!  This dog LOVES the water! 
& then Elyse decided it was time to go home and loaded up in the back of the golf cart.  Check out my country girl & her sassy posture! 
Sunday we had church, followed by nursery duty...wow...6 kids 3 and under.  A 20 lb 4 month old.  One little girl who is in the middle of potty training.  Only 2 adults.  Yeah.  Enough Said.  Hubby & I were EXHAUSTED!!! 
We spent Sunday afternoon and evening just relaxing at home...and then Elyse went and found her hat & sunglasses.  Apparently she wanted to accessorize even if she wasn't wearing any pants or a shirt! 

Yesterday we finally completed a family excursion that Hubby & I have been talking about since before we were married.  We drove about an hour and a half south to Dogwood Canyon.  A semi-manmade nature park that has hiking & biking trails, horseback riding, a tram ride, and just some beautiful Ozarks scenery.  We rented bikes and a Burley buggy for Elyse to ride in...having really no expectations of how she'd deal with it.  Thankfully she did AWESOME!!  & we had a fantastic morning bike ride and lunch on the property before coming back home.  So...Enjoy our bike ride in photos! 

Checking out the first water crossing we came to...she loved all the gorgeous scenery!

An absolutely beautiful, gorgeous day!


Being a wild Indian while crossing the bridge!

Hey momma...LOOK!

My little explorer checking things out!

She was more interested in the waterfalls and the fish than smiling for photos with momma!

Elyse had a pretty cute chauffeur all day!

Sitting pretty in her Burley pull-behind, eating raisins and happy as a lark!

Glory Hole, another beautiful area! 

My life

Just another gorgeous waterfall to end our excurion!
 It was the perfect family outing to cap off the weekend! 
We finished up last night with my first homemade apple pie of the fall at a birthday celebration for Hubby's dad!  We had a crowd favorite...pizza for dinner and then apple pie a la mode for dessert!  And then the long holiday weekend was a wrap!


Melanie said...

Looks like a great place to visit!

Sara said...

What an awesome weekend! Love all the photos. What a cool place to visit. Elyse has some serious style these days, too. :) So stinking cute.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

What a fantastic weekend and the way you ended it off was terrific. Makes me think of our trip hiking...so beautiful! That Elyse is so adorable!!

TOI said...

Your weekend sounds awesome. I love the picture of Elyse in the water, she is going to be a great swimmer, adorable.