Thursday, August 14, 2014

Up North Michigan 2014-Random Days & Wrapping it Up

There truly is LOTS to do in the area where we stayed.  One afternoon after a relaxing morning, we had a quick lunch and the rest of the group headed to tour a chocolate factory while we took Elyse home to catch up on some sleep.  She woke up about 4 and we met up with everyone else at a nearby "beach" area. 
It was a little chilly due to the wind...and Elyse was less than excited to be awake quite yet.  So she spent the majority of the time hanging out with Mamaw & cuddling while the big kids played catch with the frisbee, some of the adults played bocce ball and some of the kids even braved the water!  BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That evening we fixed dinner at home and also played baseball!  Elyse loved spending the evenings just playing around with her cousins and we ended up building a bonfire a few nights in the firepit.  It was a great relaxing way to end a busy day!

On our last day we didn't have much of anything planned, so Hubby & I took Elyse down to a park area that is right on the water.  A pretty beautiful place to swing & slide! 

Mamaw had grand plans of planning a picture with all the grandkids dressed in red, white and blue, but we just kept forgetting to take it.  So...the last night we changed the kiddos clothes and were hoping for some good photos.  Elyse was all about taking pictures with Mamaw...Exhibit A. 

However, she was not excited once Mamaw sat her down to take just a picture of the kids...I love the sad look on her face!  Is that bad?!?

And then as we were all packed up, feeling gross & worn out from the week, and pretty much dressed in our comfy clothes for the rest of the evening...Pappy decided we needed a group photo in front of the house.  Of course we obliged! 

 A pretty great way to end the trip!  We were definitely ready to be home, because 8 days is a long time to be away from all that you know...but it was wonderful to spend some quality time with all the people you don't see nearly often enough! 

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

Elyse is getting to big- I can't handle it!