Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas with the Girls!!!

Even though Nora will only be 3 weeks old tomorrow, having a 3 year old at home means that the Christmas activities still go on!  We've been having a ton of fun, and Nora has already proven to be a pretty flexible kid as she's loaded up and hauled from place to place!  

1.  When Nora was only 6 days old, we made a trip to Bass Pro Shops to visit Santa.  We had a newborn picture of Elyse with of course we had to do the same with Nora.  We tried to get one with both girls together...but Elyse still wasn't cooperating.  So...instead of a crying child photo, we opted for a family photo with Santa.  

2.  We had our first Sunday at church as a family on December 14.  Nora of course slept through the entire service and everyone absolutely loved her!  

3.  I picked up a $10 gingerbread kit on a whim at Walmart last proved to be some of the best $10 I've spent!  Elyse absolutely loved putting all together her "Christmas House!"

4.  We loaded up last week and after a quick dinner out, we made our way around to some of the best known light displays in our area.  Elyse was ABSOLUTELY in love with all the lights, but maybe more in love with being able to sit on our laps and watch!

5.  We had our first family Christmas on Saturday afternoon with my dad's family.  Elyse and her cousins had quite the dance party to Dominic the Christmas Donkey!
 Nora on the otherhand, spent most of the afternoon in various people's she apparently enjoyed just being sprawled out on the couch!

6.  Yesterday Elyse had her debut on stage when the 3-5 year olds sang a few songs at the beginning of the church service.  Honestly I'm not sure that Elyse sang a single word...but she gave us plenty of smiles and looked absolutely adorable.  Not to mention that she was the youngest one up there by at least 6 months!  I'm just happy that she actually stayed on stage for all 3 songs!

7.  And finally...last night we met up with both sets of grandparents to visit one of the most unique Christmas displays in the area.  A local family has a TON of Christmas blowups and they are all on display to either walk or drive through. It's quite the display, and Elyse was a little overwhelmed with the quantity...but when we finished the night off with donuts & hot chocolate, she was set!  

It's certainly been a whirlwind last few weeks...but honestly, it's not all that different than before we had a newborn!  Christmastime is always crazy and fun and full of activities...such a blessed time of year!  

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