Monday, June 1, 2015

Project 365 ~ May

Well thank goodness for Instagram, because my blogging has pretty much taken a back seat.  I've considered just shutting it down completely, because let's be time and priorities have switched a little from when I first started this blog 7 years ago.  However, I do still like having this one dedicated place for a lot of things...and it's the only baby book I have for both girls.  

So...for now you get our May in review, via Instagram and phone photos.  

We started off the month with a bang as we celebrated not only Hubby's birthday, but also a crazy high platelet count for Nora!  330,000 to be exact!  Woohoo for no more blood draws until September!  

Nora turned 5 months old and continued being her silly, smiley self!

Hubby started teaching Elyse a thing or two about golf...which lasted all of 2 days.  There's lots of time for learning the finer points of Hubby's favorite sport.  

We had a fabulous first trip to SDC for the year...I can assure you there will be many more!

We "ran" in the 10th annual Running of the Squirrels 5K!

We celebrated Mother's Day and I grieved a little more that this lady wasn't around to celebrate with us...

but we celebrated anyway, and had a great weekend with family!

We went to church with my parents and enjoyed the afternoon at their house...

which completely wore Elyse out, so I spent a few minutes snuggling my oldest baby...which was the perfect ending to Mother's Day.  

Nora spent her first night away from us while we headed to STL for a business meeting...

and she was obviously very bothered by the whole situation!  ha!  

I attempted my first, and so far only, French braid...and was pretty impressed with myself.  

We got a ton more smiles from this chunky baby girl...

We went to Lowe's as a family & filled the cart with flowers...Nora approved!  

We started baby led weaning and Nora is loving it!  We are too!  

We hosted a little college reunion of sorts...and look at all the kiddos!  Can't believe how things have changed in 10+ years!  

Ane Elyse threw a fit because someone was playing with her ball...downward dog becomes the new pouting position!

We celebrated my Granny Kay's birthday, and my grandpa gifted me with a ring from her collection. 

We went on family walks & Elyse danced in the sunshine...

We celebrated 8 years of marriage...

with a couples massage, dinner, and frozen custard!

Elyse further introduced Nora to the wondrous world of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  

We also celebrated Cousin Harper's 2nd birthday... 

with a fabulous princess party! 

Nora decided her toes were enough to roll over for...and finally rolled from back to belly.  

I added some photos to our playroom wall...which makes me super nostalgic!

Yep...more smiles.  More giggles...and more sitting up like a big girl!

Elyse ate a donut.  Her way.  

We went back to SDC with my parents on Memorial Day and met up with several friends along the way.  Nora was a trooper!

We celebrated Papa's birthday a day early...but managed to get a decent picture of them with all their granddaughters!  

Happy Birthday Papa!

Elyse dubbed Nora the new sheriff in town!  

I managed to get a kidney infection the day before we left for our first weekend getaway since Nora was born.  So we spent the first night watching the Cardinals in our hotel room while I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  

Thankfully I was much better by the next night...and we had a great time, even if it did rain most of the night and the Cardinals lost.  

We came home refreshed and ready to see these two goobers...oh what a blessed life we have!  

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