Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day 2015

So, I'm really behind.  So let's just ignore it and move on.  

We had a fabulous Father's Day weekend celebrating all the father's in our life.  We started out with dinner on Friday night with my bestie & her family.  Elyse absolutely LOVES their kids, and they are pretty fond of her too.   We went to leave that evening and what started out as a pretty serious hug became a full on wrestling match!  

Actual Father's Day was pretty packed, so we celebrated on Saturday night with dinner at Hubby's favorite Mexican restaurant and Andy's frozen custard.  We had an ice cream picnic in the back of our car which gave Nora the perfect opportunity to have her first taste of Andy's.  (And to be completely honest, this wasn't her first taste of ice bestie ruined that the night!)  Nora is the typical second kid, so ice cream isn't off limits for so long this time!  

I just love this sequence of photos...

#1.  Mmm....that looks delicious... 

#2.  Big sister Elyse, aren't you going to share?!?

#3.  Momma, she's not sharing...

#4.  Oh, she's's my chance...

#5.  Daddy, you're the best!  Give me that spoon, and don't even think about moving your hand away!  (notice her little hand holding on to his finger!)  

#6.  Momma, have you had this stuff?!?  it's amazing!  

#7.  Daddy, oh daddy?!?  You're the best, and I think I need some more! And please be warned, this is the same look I'll give you in 15 years when I want a car!    
#8.  But daddy, you seriously are the best.  I love you bunches!

On Sunday we gave Daddy his presents, a blue running shirt, a pair of blue running shoes, and a pink/purple soccer ball.  All Elyse's choices...although I may have pushed her in the right direction a couple of times.  We spent the afternoon at Hubby's parents' house and Elyse got to spend some quality time with her cousins.

We spent Father's Day evening at my brother's house, where we opted for a simple meal of Italian carryout.  We tried to get a good picture of Papa and his girls, but they were all a little more interested in playing than picture posing.

And then we had a glimpse of what it's going to be in a few years...oh these two girls, they love each other for sure! I can't even imagine what it will be like when Nora is right in the middle of them!  

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