Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Nora Kay Love ~ 8 Months

And another month down.  Another month closer to Nora being 1.  We're just having a blast with our precious girl...and enjoying the last days of summer! 
Weight/Height:  I truly have no idea, but she's still growing like a weed...yet, she seems to be thinning out a bit.  I'm thinking that has to do with all the rolling/pseudo-crawling she's doing now!  Her thighs are still plenty chunky and I love her precious cheeks...but if she grows anything like her sister, the days of her chubbiness are certainly numbered!  I honestly think that Elyse looks chunkier in her 8 month photos than Nora does. 

Clothes:  We're finishing up our last packages of size 2 diapers and moving on to ordering size 3s.  We're still just wearing pretty much all the same size clothes as Elyse did and staying right on track with typical sizing.  I'm planning to get the 9-12 month tubs down soon so I can sort through what we have from Elyse and see what else we need to purchase.  Of course I don't expect her to wear all hand-me-downs! 
 Food:  This girl LOVES all things food.  Like everything.  We've had a few tummy troubles recently so there have been a few times when I put her on the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet...and she's been less than thrilled.  Right now I would say her absolute favorites are peaches & tomatoes.  She loves most all fruit, most veggies, and her meats.  She likes carbs but prefers them to be in the cookie/cracker/Veggie Straw variety.  One thing is for certain, if anyone around her is eating...she better not be left out.  And as a confession, she also likes ice cream.  And popsicles.  Don't judge.  She's also still nursing 4x a day at 7, 11, 3, & 7.  It's a pretty great schedule that I don't really see changing anytime soon! 
 Sleep:  She's still a pretty awesome sleeper. She takes two naps a day for about 1 1/2-2 hrs each and she goes down for the night sometime between 7-8.  She is consistently sleeping through the night with just one wakeup for replacing the pacifier and some nights she'll sleep all the way through without a peep.  We still only have two teeth, but I'm thinking those top two are going to bust through any time...which is what I blame her bad nights on.  She also has a few mornings where she wants to come cuddle around 6 until I wake her to eat at 7...but who are we to complain about a few early morning snuggles?
 Activity:  Momma got a little paranoid that she wasn't crawling yet last week and decided she needed more tummy time for practice.  And guess what, she's not officially crawling...but she'll definitely roll and reach and stretch to get whatever she wants.  I like to call her my little Inspector Gadget with her go-go gadget arms!  You better make sure that everything is FAR out of reach...or it will be hers.  We're still working on the crawling so I know it will be anytime that she gets it down pat.  Honestly, I'm still loving the fact that she's pretty stationary.  Our house is in need of some serious baby-proofing before we have a full time mover on our hands.  She still loves her jumper and also her walker now that she's getting even more leg strength. 
Personality:  Oh how I love this little girl.  She is always soooo happy and it truly takes a lot to make her mad.  Lack of food at the appropriate time is one of those times.  She does this cute (but also annoying) little grunting noise when she's not getting what she wants.  She loves to laugh when you tickle her thighs or her feet or under her chin.  And she also just loves to be the center of attention.  She does not like to be left alone in a room, especially if she can hear you nearby.  She wants to be involved...always afraid that she's missing out on something. 
Elyse & Nora:  My heart serious melts watching these two interact.  They are starting to play together, and I can't wait for many more moments like this one.  Of course I know there will be plenty of times when Nora steals Elyse's toy, or Elyse steals Nora's toy.  Or when hair will be pulled.  Or babies won't be shared.  But through it all, I know they will love each other.  Because right now, it's just too obvious not to be the case. 
Sugar-booger, squirt, chunky monkey...Nora,
Oh my girl how we love you.  All of us.  We love you with our whole hearts and can't really imagine how boring life was without you.  You have added to our family in ways you will never understand and I'm so incredibly grateful to God each day for allowing me to be your momma.  I'm thankful that this time around I'm able to be a LOT more laid back to just watch you develop and see how you discover things on your own.  I don't worry so much about schedules (although you certainly still have one and still do best when we follow it) or how long you're eating or how much you're eating or when you're going to learn to crawl.  I'm sure this new-found relaxed way of parenting is fairly typical for 2nd time moms...and you've made it even easier with your ability to just go with the flow.  You are so incredibly precious to your daddy & I and I find myself truly missing you while you nap...well I miss your sweet, smiley self...not so much the fussy sweetheart that you become when you're tired or hungry.  We love you sweet girl and can't wait for all the memories that you will allow us to experience! 
You're the best little sister ever! 
I love you, Momma


Susannah said...

She's too adorable!!! I love that she's kissing her bear in one picture!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Oooohhhh! Your girls are so sweet! It's so bitter-sweet to see them grow-up! I think they'll be BFFs as they grow! :)
I can imagine being a momma is so much more relaxed the second time around; you can focus more on taking it all in...rather than figuring it all out! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Don't you worry for a second about that ice cream and popsicles ;) I think Wells first solid food was a pancake...I just forgot and handed him one. Whoops. I was definitely more paranoid with Cullen and food than I have been with the others. Lucky second (and third and forth...) children!